Three Things You Can Do To Improve Your Mobile Email Marketing


In order for your businesses email marketing program to remain relevant, it has to be adapted to be smartphone friendly. Up until recently you could assume that your emails would be read on a desktop computer; that has all changed with the sudden rise in popularity of smartphones. Smartphones have changed the way in which individuals access and update their information. Many smartphones feature apps that allow users to quickly and easily access the information they are searching for. People are no longer chained to their desktop PC’s; they have the ability to access all of their information while standing in line at the coffee shop.

For your email to be read by smartphone users it is important that your message contain a catchy pre-header. This can be used as a way to grab the attention of the user and compel them to read more of your email message. A pre-header consists of the first few lines of your email; this is why it is important that you use those first lines of an email message to your benefit. Create something that will get the recipient’s attention and make them want to find out what the rest of the email says. It is in this short period of time that you have the chance to influence whether or not your email gets read.

Once a recipient has decided to open and read your email it is important that you have taken the necessary steps to ensure that the message can be read. If an email recipient has trouble accessing the information you have included in your email, they are likely to just delete it without exploring it any further. This is why every business that is considering using email marketing programs do so in a way that will ensure the email can be easily read and scrolled through without any problems. The easier the email is to read, the more likely a recipient will be to read it all the way through.

Another thing to take into consideration when designing an email marketing program is that the message is short and to the point; this will help ensure that the email is read in its entirety and not simply deleted. People lead busy lives and if your email tends to go on and on it is more likely that it will simply be deleted rather than read. If you want to ensure that your email is read and comprehended in the manner you were intending. There are a lot things that need to be taken into consideration when creating an email marketing program. If you follow these steps you will be well on your way to running a successful email marketing campaign.

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