Three Straightforward Methods of Getting the Best Flat Rate Shipping Prices for Your Online Store


The shipping industry is a massive. So large, in fact, that it can be difficult to imagine just how synergy and logistics are incorporated by the major carriers. UPS reports that they shipped 4.3 billion packages and documents in the year 2013 alone, leaving us to only wonder how many were shipped by the USPS, FedEx or other contenders like DHL. Interestingly enough, a 2009 study that was conducted on behalf of USP, by the North American Technographics Retail Online Survey, purported that over 60% of online shoppers want affordable shipping and handling. Of course, a vast majority of them want free shipping, but most will settle for low-cost shipping instead. This leads to the main question at hand: What are the best methods of securing low flat rate shipping prices for your online store without having to stomach big volume contracts, of which most eCommerce stores are not even eligible to receive?

A leading provider of discount USPS postage, allows users to retain a basic membership for about $15 per month. With this membership, users gain access to discount shipping rates via USPS as well as discount shipping insurance. This is a wonderful way to secure a lower price on packages that you are already shipping out each day for your online store. There are no contracts involved and the interface is simple and easy-to-use. It’s also designed to work with most eCommerce shopping carts and order management systems, too.


The ultimate rival of, this company is oddly owned by Rubbermaid; you know, the Tupperware maker. Endicia, like, offers customers access to discount USPS postage, including Stealth Postage and easy label printing. They offer insurance for $0.65 per $100 insured. The basic membership costs the same as, and is contract-free as well.

Express 1

Express 1 represents sheer genius in the discount postage arena. Through their various relationships with USPS, they have pulled off the stunt of the century. They have secured Commercial Plus pricing on Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express packages. This is typically reserved only for businesses that ship 150,000 or more packages per year. But with Express 1, subscribers can use their Commercial Plus contracts to ship packages up to 20 pounds anywhere in the U.S. at low rates with a fast one-to-three business day delivery window, dependent upon the zone. Membership rates vary, depending upon the membership type, and postage can be purchased as needed digitally.

Any of the three aforementioned providers can give you direct access to the best flat rate shipping prices. Even if they only saved you $0.50 per package shipped, imagine how fast that could add up over the course of just one year. What could your eCommerce business do with a few thousand more marketing dollars annually?

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