Three Advantages Of Email Marketing Campaign Software Dashboards


Dashboards are a great addition to any email marketing campaign software. A well designed dashboard can allow users to easily track an email campaign in real time, with the added benefits of instant graphics and agile reporting features. When considering software for your email campaigns, look for dashboard features that include these three great advantages:

Real Time Reporting A real time dashboard will provide a glimpse into the progress of an email campaign as it happens. Typical reporting features produce static depictions of data that are only current from the time they were produced. The time consumed extracting typical reports can even add time before the actual reports are handed over to the campaign managers. Real time reporting will be essential for any marketing campaigns to show real trends happening at the exact minute. A real time dashboard presents immediate, up-to-the-minute accounts of the email campaign. This gives managers and sales teams the most accurate, usable data for their strategic efforts.

Instant Graphics Dashboards are increasingly popular in email marketing campaign software because they provide a user-friendly, visual interface for the user. From the dashboard, users can request instant pie charts or bar graphs listing the current statistics on the email campaign, showing in an easy-to-read color format how many recipients opened the email, unsubscribed, forwarded, etc. A visual report can instantly give impressions for analysis as compared to a listed report which can sometimes require time to read and assess. Managers can find the information they seek at a glance rather than pouring through a static report for particular parameters.

Agile Data Mining A good dashboard should provide the ability to instantly sort email campaign data by a multitude of parameters at the touch of a button. For example, a manager can request a sort by who opened the mail, clicked on hyperlinks, unsubscribed, fulfilled literature, registered for events etc. The possibilities are numerous and can mine tremendously valuable information for the marketing team. In any marketing campaign, information is valued especially when they are given in detail when they are most needed. Agile data mining provided by a good dashboard will enable marketing managers and agents to be efficient in what they do with less effort to exert.

While managing data from a mass email campaign can be challenging, having a dashboard on your email marketing campaign software can simplify the process and save valuable time in tracking and producing reports.

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