This Just in: 64% of People Search Online Then Buy Offline – Here’s Why You Should Care


Research has shown that most people (around 64% of all online shoppers) search online only to turn around and buy offline. Apparently despite the new technologies and gadgets that start with I-this and I-that people still want and crave that good old face to face service. Indeed they will eagerly drive down to the local shopping centre to buy whatever it is they need rather than wait for the postman to deliver it a few days later – subject to weather conditions mind you.

But apparently speed is not the issue at all. It’s supposedly due to the fact that shopping in our lives is more than just placing orders and taking deliveries. It’s more of a chance for the old gals to meet up for morning tea and gossip or the old chaps to quickly have a pint and exchange banter about two sports teams that are not likely to win anything at all this lifetime! It’s a social thing. Plus the fact that there are so many scams and tricks available online now we could all be tricked everyday by different scammers and there would still be enough left to go round.

So where are they doing this search and where do they buy?

We have good ol’ Google taking most of this traffic but then again the G always gives you millions upon millions of results in point something seconds right? Like who in their right mind has time to sift through all them results just to find the cheapest loaf of bread? I am serious. Go ahead and search for anything at all. They always come in the millions. It would take you and I plus everybody we know a few years full-time to go through all these results! Yes I know. Now you are thinking but I only look at the top 3 top 5 max. Good strategy until you find that the top is full of people that are good at SEO or search engine optimization and not necessarily the the cheapest or best manufacturers now is it?

Well someone figured this problem out a few years ago and came up with comparison shopping sites where you compare anything from insurance, bank accounts, credit cards, hotels, airfares and so on. But again we have hit a bottleneck here. These days one actually needs another comparison shopping website just to compare the comparison sites themselves! It’s ridiculous I tell you, people compare everything now from meerkats and muskrats to actual markets and it’s getting redundant. Thanks to popular TV commercials right?

So what’s a person to do?

Well the business owner can jump on more local forms of advertising like Google Maps or Places and do their marketing online but focus on geo-targeted results to cater to their locale. Jump on this trend and be the one that shows up when people in your vicinity or county search for what you sell and so on.

As for the consumer there is only one way to do it. Remember the website that actually compares all the comparison sites across all platforms to see the best? Well thankfully now you can have software that compares all those millions of results but this time looking for the best and cheapest price for you. It has nothing to do with SEO anymore but good old savings for you. It is safe and unobtrusive. It sits right on your desktop and every time you go to the usual search engines it will show you the best pricing. People have been seen to have lots of money this way. This last Christmas huge savings were reported and the Internet chatrooms were abuzz with it. Gentlemen…We have the technology. Make sure you get

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