This Is Where The Money Is In Your Business


I’m sure my kids look at me some days and wonder what I do. Sometimes they see me working feverishly at my computer in the office or they hear me on Skype through the closed-wooden-sliding doors.

Having three boys who play Aussie Rules they also see me watching them train when other parents are at work.

I’m sure they feel my job is weird because it isn’t like their mates’ Dads. Well I do admit to being a bit strange. (Well maybe a lot sometimes.)

But there is really no secret to my workday and I have even passed this onto son #1 who has a very successful personal training business.

The secret to a successful business is not your product or service. It is not your premises and it is not your glossy brochures. By gees it is not your marketing, though you should be pretty good at it.

The secret to success of any business and has been for centuries is your…

Database or List.

The customer database and List you build is profoundly more important than everything else you do combined.

Yet most businesses are prepared to act foolishly and continue to waste money with shotgun marketing tactics and ignore people who have bought from them before.

They also fail to identify who their customers are and say, “We Sell To Everyone!”

Rubbish and Bolderdash!

Not everyone can be your customer. You have to define it more.

Many businesses spend an inordinate amount of time and energy in crafting messages to send out without even taking into account who their intended market is.

This is a big mistake. Your marketing messages should be aimed at specific groups of buyers and contain specific meaningful hooks to resonate with each group.

Here’s what to do:

  • Build your Database by contacting specific groups and by tailoring your messages directly to those groups;
  • Keep segmented Database Groups or Lists;
  • Connect and Engage with your customers and build a rapport with them rather than trying to sell to them all the time.

Remember, the best email or letter in the world will go down like a lead balloon to an irrelevant list. Conversely, a very average email or letter can do very well to a relevant list.

This is where the money is in your business.

In your lists and database.

Hey… but what would I know.

I only get to choose my hours and clients and get to see my boys at footy training. So build a list of people who wish to receive your products and services. But how do you do this? Well first you have to list down who your customers really are.

Answer this question in depth and you soon discover where you will find them.

  1. Who is your main prospect? (Describe them fully – Men? Women? Ages? Career? Etc.)

Once you can do this you will be on your way.

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