The Top 5 Best Bulk Email Marketing Tactics


Even though some facets of online marketing have changed drastically, companies are still relying on the tried and true tool of bulk email marketing for the sake of their bottom lines.

True, email is not exactly gaining any momentum. For the first time in a decade, email use on the web dropped by over five percent last year. But while email might not be growing as an institution in and of itself, companies are getting creative. Now, marketing campaigns focus on combining email with other tools associated with social media in order to effectively canvass the web.

There is no way that the new technologies of Twitter and Facebook could ever replace email for dominance in web-based communication. There is not one auxiliary service out there that could function without email-you need an email address just to sign up for most other social media services! That said, there is still plenty of room for growth and innovation in the realm of bulk email marketing. Here are the top 5 best tactics for mass emailing.

1. Focus on pop culture and current events to hook viewers in. Recipients and potential customers respond to emails that lean on pop culture, current events and primary content. Even by doing something as simple as coordinating your emails with holidays, it’ll pay off. Perhaps more important is appearing up-to-date with trends in pop culture and new advances in your own field.

2. Utilize Twitter and Facebook to score some opt-ins. Include simple ways for customers to be signed up for your emails right within Facebook updates and Tweets.

3. Separate your email lists into different subcategories. It is definitely not in your best interest to send out a single mass email to every one of your recipients, who are probably as different as can be! A little bit of targeting can go a long way.

4. Make sure to include incentives for customers that branch out onto social media, like coupons and birthday deals. You could even go so far as to offer discounted products and also services.

5. Go to SMS promotions, to reach your customers using your services on the go. Offer coupons and discounts for users on mobile devices.

There are plenty of ways to customize you bulk email marketing campaign in order to get the most out of your efforts. If you are playing the game correctly, bulk emailing can pay off in a big way. By linking in other outlets of communication, you are making it easier for customers to get the word out about and reap benefits from your products and services, and therefore you are making sure that everyone wins.

Follow the five tips listed above, and watch as your bulk email campaign bumps up your web presence and number of active and loyal customers. While email may seem old-fashioned, it is still the best way to reach out to new customers.

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