The Tactic 78% of Content Marketers Use


According to CMI’s study of 2013 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends, 78% of content marketers use email newsletters in their marketing strategy. It’s the third most used content marketing tactic, behind social media and articles on your website. Social media use is all the rage, but it’s basically a broadcasting tool to point followers to your website, blog, or current happenings in the industry. Articles on your website are an obvious choice: you need new content for SEO and to let people know you’re an active company.

So why do so many content marketers make newsletters part of their content marketing strategy?

  1. Anytime, anywhere access to customers and prospects. Thanks to smartphones, many businesspeople check their email constantly – at the airport, waiting in traffic, even doing personal activities. An email newsletter reaches them wherever they are, unlike a phone call that often gets sent to voicemail or direct mail that gets lost in the shuffle.
  2. Gives readers valuable information. Whether the newsletter covers industry trends or new product details, its articles explore topics important to the recipients. Your well-written, in-depth articles will inform potential contacts, prospects, and clients that you’re a trusted voice in your industry.
  3. Foundation for all other content marketing tactics. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time a new post, blog, or article is due if you have an efficient, effective email newsletter program in place. Relevant, timely articles in your newsletter offer a goldmine of tweets and status updates, and your writers can take one idea from a newsletter article to write a new blog post. The possibilities of repurposing newsletter content for other marketing outlets are only limited by your creativity.
  4. Easy interaction. An email newsletter provides countless ways for readers to interact with your company. Whether it’s downloading a white paper, entering a contest, or answering a poll, a newsletter encourages readers to continue the conversation with you.In addition to giving them valuable information, the newsletter gives you feedback on what stories and issues are most important to your customers and prospects. You can call that a two-way street or a win-win: both parties enjoy benefits of an email newsletter.

The vast majority of content marketers (78% of them in fact!) have already discovered the value of an email newsletter in their marketing mix. Its unique characteristics, like email delivery and interactive features, make a newsletter versatile and valuable.

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