The Squeeze Page – The Most Important Page In A, Hopefully, Profit-Making Website


Set out below are the requisites of a really good squeeze page. Similar to when they are reading a sales page, each reader will have one of two things in his or her mind after finishing each section. Either “this is interesting, I’ll read on”, or “this is boring, there must be something better I can do with my time”. Your job is to make sure that it is the former rather than the later at all times. This is what a compelling squeeze page should contain:

  • A keyword enriched ATTENTION GRABBING title. The title, while not being too long, must be worded in a way to lure the reader into wanting to know more.
  • A keyword enriched ATTENTION GRABBING headline of five or six lines. I personally put the title in heading 1 size, bold it, and capitalize the first letter of every word. I personally centre it. Colour is an option, which I sometimes use, but not always. The “gurus” say that red is the best, but I’m not convinced. As everything is already bold, really important words can be underlined or italicised.
  • When writing the headline think about the needs of someone who had clicked on your URL would be and ensure that the headline convinces them that your web-site will satisfy those needs one way or the other. Convince them that they need go nowhere else. Remember, you need to ensure that the read on rather than click on that all too prominent exit icon.
  • If you cannot fit everything you want into five of six lines, to entice your reader to read further, follow your headline with a sub-headline in a smaller font, say heading 3, still emboldened, but not centreed or with all words capitalised.
  • The amount of further detail you now give really depends on how successful you feel that you have been with your subject, headline, and sub-headline. However you must remember that you need to hold back the majority of the detailed information for the sales page. If it is felt that some more information is required on the squeeze page, then use bullet points, in normal (paragraph) font, immediately below the sub-headline.
  • Then comes what is known as your “Call To Action”. It is the offer of a free gift in return having the visitor entering his or her name and email address in a form. The free gift can be anything. It can be a PDF, a newsletter, a video, some simple software, anything. It’s an enticement to the potential customer to give you their details in return both for the free gift and the opportunity to find out more about your product and, perhaps purchase it. Even if they do not purchase on the first occasion you are now legally free (until, and if they unsubscribe) to approach them with further offers or more information.
  • The actual form should be a standard form from any of the autoresponder companies, like AWeber et cetera but should ask for as few details as possible. Usually only their first name and their email address.

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