The Role of the Inbound Marketing Consultant in Call to Action Advertising


Unless you can appropriately attribute credit to impression-based call to action display ads for sales and other conversion events, you’re prone to make misinformed budgeting and marketing mix decisions. You can’t rely strictly on display ad click-throughs as a measurement metric.

Consider a hypothetical example. You sell software products. For three months, you’ve been running software product display ads on Facebook targeting males ages 25 to 50. You’ve also bid highly on the keyword term “software products” for paid search advertising.

You monitor click-through results from both your call to action advertising display and pay per click search efforts. Paid search shows strong click-through and conversion, while click-through rates on your display ads is slow. As a result, you abandon your display campaign and bid higher on “software products” to elevate your ad on search engine result pages.

And what happens? Your paid search click-through and conversion rates plummet. Was it because a competitor introduced a new software product? Or because you lost the view-through value of your Facebook ad when you killed your display campaign? You can’t know unless you have in place technology and processes geared to gauge the value of impression-based views, based upon business-impacting terms such as site visits, pages viewed, time on site, sales, and conversions.

The Role of a Display Advertising Partner

Given the many challenges of online display advertising and the fast-moving and complex nature of the industry, many organizations engage call to action display advertising partners to turn large volumes of user information into actionable and scalable marketing.

Display advertising partners typically represent the marketer and make media buys across a combination of direct publisher relationships and integrated ad networks. They tend to be the single partner accountable to the marketer’s overall goals. A display advertising partner invests time and effort to translate your marketing goals into actionable plans and can provide strategic and creative development, reporting, analytic, creative testing, and other services.

The certified inbound marketing consultant has also been schooled on a wide variety of marketing channels, media usage, and strategic website call-to-action development and design.

Display advertising partners and inbound marketing consultants vary in their approaches and levels of service. It’s important to understand your own requirements and then ask the detailed questions that will help you find the ideal match. The following questions may help illustrate distinctions between basic display advertising partners and those providing premium services as a certified inbound marketing consulting firm.

If your organization explores inbound marketing firms and call to action display advertising partners, here are some considerations to address:

  • What is the account service model?
  • Is creative included?
  • How are messages optimized? (by testing, algorithms, etc.)
  • What degree of customization is possible?
  • What is their roadmap beyond basic browser acquisition?
  • How does the partner monitor network infrastructure and the user experience?
  • Do they own their own technology?
  • How do they manage privacy?
  • What tools and processes do they use to protect our brand?
  • How focused is the partner on servicing our section?
  • What types of clients do they support?
  • How are their financials?
  • What online marketing certifications do they have?
  • How related education programs have they completed?
  • Do they have a history of providing marketing training?
  • Have they published related articles industry peer-reviewed journals?

Use the above list of questions when deciding whether a display advertising partner or a certified inbound marketing consulting partner firm is the best choice for developing your online marketing message.

If you are serious about learning to bring your lead generation techniques to the next level, you owe it to yourself to learn all you can about not only online advertisement, but also inbound marketing management as a whole.

However, if you are a business owner, you need to have a fully integrated lead generation website development system that will have you ranking for your primary keywords at the click of a button, attract and generate “quality” leads, prompt you on where and how to optimize your content all with an all-inclusive email and social media monitoring system. WordPress unfortunately does not do that, even with the best of plugins.

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