The “Right” Way to Create an Effective Email Marketing Campaign


There are five key fundamentals to any effective email marketing campaign. Without these “must-haves,” many email marketing newsletters fall flat.

If you’re new on the email marketing block or a seasoned professional who needs a little refresher, we’ve gathered together what you need to include when you create an effective email marketing campaign.

Remember, it is all about learning what works best and acting on it. But you also need to stay ahead of the curve by trying new variations and changing up your strategies. Online marketing is a game that never stays the same for very long and it is those who adapt that win.

1. Right Time

The “right” time to send out your email boosts your overall effectiveness. So, the “right” time for your email marketing campaign is dependent on your customers’ behavior and when your data shows they are the most active.

2. Right Message

“Right” means relevancy. One of the most essential components to create an effective email marketing campaign is that your content is relevant to your subscribers. If you stay on top of what your data says about your customers, then you’ll have an idea of what they respond to the best.

3. Right Sender

This is a quick and easy trick to bolster your effectiveness: change your “sender’s” information from some generic company name to an actual person.

4. Right Design

Both under designing and over designing lowers your effectiveness. Under designing shows your customers that you don’t know what you’re doing and that you’re not all that professional. Over designing shows that you spend more time and money on flash rather than meeting your customers’ needs. And, they’ll assume that the deals aren’t that great because you have to cover the costs of your expensive design scheme.

5. Right Technique

“Right” technique boils down to how well you know your customers and how tuned in you are to their email habits. Segmenting your email list into different categories will help you better target your subscribers while skyrocketing your overall effectiveness.

Now that you have the “right” fundamentals under your belt, the email marketing world is yours for the taking. Keep a log of each technique and what you changed. Then after the right amount of time, remove the ones that are not working.

If this was a refresher course, we hope the brain has been rekindled with the basics. Now it is up to you to make it happen.

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