The Real Ways To Advertise Your Business Online


eBay – It generates massive traffic.

You may think that this is a mistake and that eBay is only any good for selling off your old set of golf clubs. However tens of thousands of people register with eBay daily and over a billion page views were registered in 2007 alone! eBay is one of the most visited sites on the internet.

There are several ways you can advertise on eBay:

Online Auctions: Sell your products on eBay and drive customers to your personal website by including links to your About ME page. The About ME page is the one place on eBay that you are allowed to place external links, provided the site is the seller’s own personal site, not part of a larger site.

About ME: This page is the ticket to driving traffic from eBay to your own site. Place a well-placed link on your About ME page, and tell your visitors why they should visit. Please, make sure it complies with all eBay policies! Your account can be suspended for not abiding by eBay’s rules. Use your best copy-writing skills to draw in traffic to your About ME page, then to your site. Also, be sure to have a link on your personal site that allows users to sign up for a newsletter. This way, if they aren’t going to purchase, you can keep in touch. Learn more about creating an about us page for your eBay store, website or blog here.

My World Page: This page is also highly indexed by Google and the rest of the search engines. A quick example: Google your own eBay user ID. The My World page often is listed first! Use this page to advertise your items, talk about your business, and customize the best way to persuade viewers to visit your About ME page.

Social Bookmarking: There are many social websites that let you join a community and gain a following and the number is increasing every day. Two of the largest are Facebook and Twitter. Facebook allow you to advertise and have an advertising account. The potential is great for getting targeted traffic to your website. StumblUpon is a link sharing website that brings your favourite websites to you based on your interests. It has the potential to bring hundreds of thousands of visitors, but your content needs to be exceptional.

The thing about social bookmarking is that you can’t just drop your links into a social networking website and expect to generate traffic and you may be better off investing your time in writing articles. However, these websites can provide a useful back-link to your website and the opportunity should not be overlooked to use them.

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