The Power of Real Email Marketing


Is It Spam?


A number of people I meet get confused when I mention email marketing where they assuming it means spamming thousands of people with useless emails. Email spam is something very different indeed and I would never recommend anyone do this. Not only is it not very effective anymore but it is also against the law.

So What Is Email Marketing?

It is simply a system where your potential clients opt into your email list for useful email content, plus of course your promotional content with the goodies. It comprises of three main stages.

1. Capture Their Details

As it is only right that your potential client has to volunteer their email details, you need to have a way of tempting them. Two popular methods are to offer a free newsletter or a free e-book that the potential client can download.

You have to make sure that;

– Your newsletter contains real facts and tips relevant to your industry. It can’t be full of promotional content as this is not what the user signed up for.

– If you offer the e-book download option then you need to be very open and clear with them that you may send email updates to them on occasion.

A check box with the text of something like “I want to receive updates regarding your products and services” works quite well.

2. Send The Emails

You will send your information email to all of your subscribers on a set date or whenever you want. Again, never spam. Even if they have subscribed doesn’t mean you should be sending 20 emails per day. Usually a weekly or monthly email works best or whenever you have something important so say about your company. The important thing to do here is to fit in a promotional offer within the useful email content. It is recommended to place a link inside the promotion part of the email to whichever product of service you are trying to promote. This way both parties win. Your subscribers get quality information via email and you win because some of them will click on the promotional link and buy your product or use your service.

3. Monitor

This is just as important as the first two steps. Once you have sent out some emails you need to monitor the results; the percentage of people who opened it etc. You can use these statistics to help you improve your future emails to an extent where it becomes a great return on your time. There are a whole range of email marketing systems out there and you can also find them inbuilt to actual websites. I recommend you search around and find out which system works best for you.

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