The One Ingredient That Makes Email Marketing Work


Automation of your email marketing is essential for the success of your online business and an autoresponder does this for you. An autoresponder can deal with many more emails than you could ever process manually and it works continually for you day and night. It can automatically send pre-written follows-up emails to prospective customers. You just have to tell it what to say and when to say it and it will do the rest for you.

An automated email autoresponder system enables you to reply immediately to information requested and will save you lots of time and effort. It will work for you every hour of the day and every day of the year, even when you are asleep.

What is an autoresponder for?

  • Control and arrange your email marketing to your customers
  • Expose your business to potential customers
  • Manage email contact with customers
  • Develop relationships with the people on your list
  • Deliver special offers to your customers
  • Send out welcome emails to new customers
  • Email thank you messages for orders
  • … and more

What is an autoresponder? The Facts:

The autoresponder software allows you to obtain the email addresses of your website visitors by way of an opt-in form on your website or landing page. On this form visitors can submit their email address. To get visitors to enter their email address on the opt-in form, you need offer something of value for free, like a report or video. When they enter their email address into the opt-in form, your autoresponder will instantly email them a message containing the item that you are providing for free.

What is an autoreponder going to do that I can’t?

An autoreponder is like a salesperson working for you day and night. Email marketing is all about building a relationship with the people on your list and keeping in regular contact with them. As you list grows and you start to segment your target audience, it would be impossible for you to do it all manually. Statistically, a prospect needs to see or hear your email marketing message at least seven times before they take action and buy from you.

It has all the tools you need for a successful email marketing campaign. It provides information on who’s opening, clicking, downloading, buying and who’s not. An autoresponder allows you to integrate your email marketing with your website, your blog, and your Facebook page, so all your visitors have the chance to sign up to your email list.

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