The Number 1 Reason Why You Shouldn’t Buy Mass Email Lists For Marketing Purposes!


Do you buy email lists for your campaigns?

Here’s why you shouldn’t buy email leads online!

I was recently socializing in my favorite forum online and stumbled across a post of someone who claimed to have access to a list of well over 1 million from people who were mainly interested in the make money/ internet marketing niche.

They stated that someone they knew owned the list and that they would do a mailing for them.

Nothing out of the ordinary there right?

However the person wasn’t allowed to include their name in the message at all!

This sent alarm bells ringing straight away and so I replied on the thread asking if this was a private list and whether it belonged to just his friend and whether or not the list had been built from scratch lawfully.

He didn’t seem to sure of anything!

He didn’t know how the list had been compiled or how the people on the list were subscribed to the list!

If this guy had of gone ahead and mailed to these people, he could be heavily accused of spamming, risk account suspension with his auto-responder company and still not make any money for his efforts!

In-fact buying mass email leads will cost money and carries too much unnecessary risk.

This is not an ethical form of email marketing and wont pay off long-term.

Your efforts would be much better spent focusing on building a list of genuine subscribers and developing your own traffic regime for generating new prospects and leads.

Buying Email leads for your marketing campaign/s can be a viable option, specifically in the make money/ internet marketing niche.

Buying what are known as “solo ads” are a great way to build your list gradually.

Buying solo ads is basically where you would pay another marketer in the same niche as you to mail their list with your offer.

This again carries some risk as you don’t know the sources that the advertiser has generated his/ her leads from. However this is much safer than buying mass email leads and will deliver much more targeted prospects and a better response rate.

There are websites online that are designed specifically for solo ads and ad swaps that will deliver better leads and allow you to check the advertisers profile and history, ratings e.t.c

This is also a great way to network with other marketers in your niche and build long-term jv partnerships.

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