The Money Is In The List – How To Build A List Of Responsive Subscribers


With the current economy in crisis and every day there are more news segments about the unemployment rate spiking, more and more people are turning to alternative methods to make an income online.

Making money online can be a very lucrative endeavor if you know what you’re doing, if you don’t you might get caught in scam after scam and that could potentially drain your bank account.

One of the issues with earning money online can often be saturation, which is the phenomenon experienced when too many different people try a specific tactic that loses its effectiveness as more people attempt to execute it.

Essentially, a sponge can only hold so much water before it just starts leaking.

The great thing about email marketing though, is that this won’t ever happen.

Below I will explain and reveal just how to build a responsive list of subscribers that you can email on a regular basis and before you know it they will be more than willing to purchase your product.

Every single day people get onto the internet in search of information or a product that will meet a specific need that they have.

You can easily capitalize on their needs.

What you first need to do is decide what niche you are going to focus on. Try to make it as specific as possible. Some of the more popular niches include, make money online/business opportunities, weight loss/ fitness, healthy lifestyle/ cooking, self help/ motivation, gambling, and dating.

A good way to decide which niche to concentrate on is to think about which has the bigger capacity for eager people searching for more information about it.

Once you’ve figured out your niche you need to start building your list. You can do this through a website, blog or squeeze page that has content directly related to your niche.

Offer something for free in exchange for their email address, this could be anything but commonly it’s an e book or a guide of some sort. Once you have captured their email address, you can potentially market items to them forever!

What’s so great about building a list is that you don’t lose the traffic that is generated to your website once they read the content or buy a specific product. Putting in that extra step of entering their email is absolutely invaluable and can potentially make you a whole lot of money.

Now here is the crucial part: developing and maintaining a relationship with your list that evokes their trust in you.

You can’t do this by spamming them every single day with offer after offer for them to buy.

All this will do is drive up your unsubscribe rate!

What you need to focus on is interacting with your list, offering them helpful tips and tricks related to your niche and their area of interest. Every four or so messages promote a product that you yourself personally believe in.

Whether it’s one you created or just one with great reviews. Always provide your list with quality content!

If you treat them well, they will reward you by purchasing from you. The key to how to build a responsive list is in the relationship you build with your subscribers. If you do it right you’ll be on your way to making major money online!

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