The Money Is In The List – 5 Email Marketing Rules to Success


I thought I would start this article right off by saying that email marketing is by far the best way to make money online. With blogging, you might lose all your traffic, your advertisers might stop using your blog as a portal to advertise, and your marketing campaigns might be useless however, if you were to grow and nurture your mailing list, then it will be yours to forever make money from it.

1. Create the Bait, Reel in The Fish

A very important step with an email list is first giving people an incentive to sign up. When I first started, I had an opt in form on my site and was confused as to why people were not signing up. I thought I could just place in my code and people will sign up. That was a lesson I learned the hard way!

I then came up with the idea of a 7 day E-Course in which the subscriber would receive an email over a period of 7 days taking them through the steps necessary in setting up a blog and making money from it. This turned out to be very popular and I saw my subscriber rate skyrocket.

At first I was not keen on giving away something very good for free, and I saw that a lot of other bloggers had this problem also. When creating a sign up incentive, here are a few things to consider:

1. Make it Relevant – Have a good title and make it relevant. If people cannot see the benefits of signing up, then they won’t.

2. Make it Stand Out – Add a cover, make it look professional and make it look attractive.

3. Social Proof – This is like the sheep factor, if people see that others have already subscribed, then this will increase your sign ups.

2. Getting Your Auto-Responder Series Set Up

So once you have decided what you can give away to your readers FOR FREE, it is time to write a bunch of emails that your readers are going to receive in a set period of days.

In essence, this is a newsletter, and your main sign up incentive should come first followed by a chain of emails that constantly keeps the readers engaged.

If you were to only send out one or two items, then this is all the reader would receive. They would get their free gift and 80% of the time, you and your blog will be forgotten about. When you send them emails on a regular basis, there is a very high chance that they will open up their email inbox and see your email, completely refreshing their memory of who you are and what you do. When this happens, people will be more intrigued, and it will only be a matter of time before they begin to buy from you.

The Thank You Message & Thank You Page

Your first auto responder message should always be a “Thank You” message that welcomes the reader and introduces them to you and your blog. This is a good opportunity to add in your social media links and also to recommend some posts that will help them get started.

A thank you page added on to the thank you email is even more powerful, and the thank you page can have products that you recommend to them which will help them in getting started. This is a very powerful method of up selling, as you can place in your affiliate links and earn extra commissions.

3. Monetizing Your List

This is where everything gets real! Whenever someone signs up for my list, I make sure they know exactly what they are getting and how it can benefit them. With an email opt in, it literally is now or never, so you have to make sure that you get it right with minimal mistakes.

The best way in my opinion is to monetize your list with affiliate products that YOU HAVE USED and would recommend to anyone within the same niche. When you use a product, your email and your copy becomes more personal, as it doesn’t feel like a sales pitch. People do business with people they like, so the more genuine you are able to sound, the better your chances will be for a purchase.

4. The No Leakage Rule

This is often an overlooked step; so let me explain what it means in the most basic terms. Instead of sending people to other websites about the product you are promoting or even reviews that someone else has written, your main goal should always be to drive them straight to the merchant page. If your offer has a great landing page, then all the buyer has to do is purchase, as they are already 50% convinced. The other 50% will be through an attractive landing page.

5. Email Marketing – The Rules!

So I thought I would finish off with some of the key rules that every Webmaster must abide when emailing their list. Each rule is as important as the next, so if you neglect or even disregard one of these points, then the foundations will crumble!

– Firstly, you never want to spam your list, EVER! Everyone hates spam and there is nothing worse than losing a loyal reader and customer all because you were pushy for that small affiliate sale. The better your relationship with the customer, the higher the chance of more and more purchases in the future.

– The second thing is that you should be personal in the way you write in your blog and your mailing list. You are a human being, not an automated blogging machine, so add a little spice into what you write about and how you go about promoting your offers.

– Thirdly, you want to make sure that your readers receive the best. Going above and beyond in a niche like making money blogging is the key for success, so don’t be afraid to over deliver, no matter how long it might take you.

– The fourth thing is being consistent in the way you email your readers. This kind of refers back to the no spam rule, as even if you have the best products and are emailing people on a daily basis, they will eventually get fed up and ignore your emails. 3 times a week works best, and you should aim for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

– Lastly, you should never EVER sell your list or share it with anyone! EVER! Your list is precious to you, and your readers trust is even more precious.

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