The Many Benefits of Email Marketing


There are a number of software packages which allow you to design, write and track your email campaigns so it couldn’t be easier to tell your audience about everything from the latest company news to the latest offers, products and services. The perception of email is that of a rather ignored form of communication, so what are the benefits?

The use of email to promote your business gives you the opportunity to grab the attention of a potentially massive number of customers, especially those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to visit your shop. By using such a simple means of communication, your business is able to benefit from the extra visibility that email marketing provides. If written, designed and targeted well there is no reason why your emails wont lead to an increase in sales and enquiries. Many means of offline communication (such a print media) require a certain amount of time before the message reaches the audience.

One of the main benefits of email marketing is the instantaneous nature in which it can be sent to your customers. This allows you to be very reactive and promote your services all at the click of a button. Again – unlike offline marketing – email marketing software allows you to track explicitly how well your promotional efforts are performing. You will be able to see how many people are opening your emails, how they are interacting with them and crucially – what sales and enquiries are being generated as a result. The software required to monitor your email campaigns is extremely affordable and many are available for only a few dollars a month with even a few lighter versions being free.

Email marketing is an excellent way to drive customers to your websites who otherwise wouldn’t have had a reason to visit. Increasing the amount of traffic to your website will all the more important if you have a new product or service which you are looking to promote. The main benefit of marketing via email is how cost effective it is. As mentioned previously there are a number of free services such as Mailchimp which will allow businesses to promote themselves, provided that they have under 2000 subscribers. It is precisely this sort of reason why email is a hugely desirable option for not just small businesses, but also larger businesses who are looking for another channel through which they can market themselves.

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