The Life of Your Business Depends On You Building a Mailing List!


Ever wondered if building your own mailing list is really that important?

Well, it definitely is. The fact of the matter is, if you don’t have a mailing list you are missing out on the most important piece of you business and the major search engines are leaving you out of the cyber space to find your own way out into the world. We know SEO is a major lifeline of your business.

But there is more to it than just search engine optimization (SEO). Having an online business without a mailing list, you are essentially leaving money on the table. It would be pretty difficult to maintain your business, whether it’s online or an offline business without a customer base. Your primary goal in mind should be to have repeat customers who will stay with you and it’s an integral part to stay current, relevant and top of mind. Not to mention, to keep you head and shoulders above with the competition.

Be clear, your competition has a list and keep in mind this is your best form of advertising as well. You want the people who land on your Web site, to keep coming back because they have a vested interested in your business. So having a mailing list is a sure way for you to stay top of mind and assure them that they can count on you to keep them in the know.

Favorites and bookmark lists work just the same, right?

On the contrary, they do not work the same as a mailing list. To break it down, let’s say you become an affiliate of a awesome program you came across so you want to promote it to make money. In an effort to promote it, you put your own affiliate link on your website. What do you besides that? Your website has loads of other information aside from the program you’re promoting, so what’s the likelihood anyone would see the amazing offer if you can’t get the word out?

You must take additional steps to increase the awareness of the market that could benefit from the program or product.

Imagine the first time you discovered the program that made you join as an affiliate and you have a list to tell everyone about this. For those who open the email and see the offer directly from you and all you simply did was advise them of the program. You raise your profit margin from that email versus losing money because you did not have a mailing list.

How do you build your list?

You want to build your list from your target market that would be interested in your product or service and to get them to your site. Start with the end in mind, and consider what issue or problem they are having that your product or service can solve for them. Or it may not necessarily be a problem or issue, maybe what their interests are, but the goal is to ensure there is a market for it and build your list from those people. With that in mind, you are now able to create compelling content that will position your site in the search engines which would drive traffic to you.

When the visitors are on your website, you can offer the chance for them to join your mailing list, so be sure to have an opt-in or a signup page and let them know you will be sending

You can also offer something upfront for them to opt-in as a special offer. Most people are aware you are selling something, but you want to set yourself apart from other marketers with a under-promise over deliver type of philosophy. This helps ease their minds and prevents the likelihood they will unsubscribe from your list because they feel as if you either tricked them or did not show the value in staying on your list.

If your professional website has loads of relevant information, the people who visit your site will want to know more from you and will likely join your mailing list because they don’t want to miss out the valuable information you will provide. So no more losing out on money any longer and build your mailing list!

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