The Key To Search Engine Marketing


Its a game which involves thousands if not millions of players. But why is it that some marketers tend to be better than others? Lets not talk about P. P. C advertising, lets just look at natural search engine marketing. Is there a magic formula or magic pill that brings success to others whilst condemning the rest? I am pretty sure that there is an explanation as to why one marketer takes home thousands of dollars a month when one is not even making a single dollar. Putting other online marketing tools aside, then one can safely say that great content, keyword research and webpage optimization is the key. It is a well known secret that great content alone with neither keywords nor optimization is just like a piece of deodorized dog rubbish.

The best online marketer sifts through the hundreds of phrases related to each page on his/her site. Before anything else, they know the various phrases users use to search for their product and/service. Then they spend a considerable amount of time playing around with different keywords and phrases. They put it to heart that key words are the key to successful search engine marketing. By doing keyword research, they know for sure the type of content to bring to the market. Even for you, your priority should be to prioritize keyword research and to optimize your content with these keywords.

Top online marketers know that customers wont buy from you if they cannot find you. So they put maximum effort on the things that will make them be found. If need be they can even go as far as investing in online marketing tools which can help them to that end. They goal is to be on the top, to be visible on this boarderless world of e-commerce. Thats one thing that separates the ordinary and extra-ordinary online marketer, the little extra which is keyword research and website optimization, without which we would all be ordinary marketers.

Maybe, we all do some kind of keyword research. So what could be the difference between him and him. Well its not just about sifting through the different keywords and phrases. You should go a step further and know whether users have been searching for the singular or plural versions of phrases. Instead of looking at just one month worth of searches you might consider researching keyword history searches for at least 10months. So instead of just using the all-important Google keyword tool alone, you should consider investing in a marketing tool which does not just a single month volume of searches. After doing this you should look at how competitive the market place is. Come up with a plan of entering the market. If you have no clear-cut marketing plan, then you should just play it low and go for less competitive keywords/phrases.

The key to search engine marketing is to get targeted traffic. Top online marketers look at the phrases they are going to cover and ask themselves if they can define them better. That is why they are always out competing their fellow marketers. They know what they are targeting so even if there is only one search for the day, they know its theirs. They always avoid broad keyword phrases for they know for sure that the result would be a mixed bag.

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