The Joys Of Click-And-Collect


In case you’re not an avid believer yet, the click-and-collect delivery service is going to put you and your customers in a win-win situation.

Being able to pick up items which they purchased online at a nearby shop at their convenience is the answer to every customer’s prayer.

On the other hand, you the seller can expect a reduction in customer complaints regarding damaged, lost or wrong items.

We’ve seen how the demand for click and collect has grown massively in the past two years, and it won’t be long now before it overtakes other shipping options.

If you think that you’ve been overlooking the click-and-collect option, in favour of same-day or next-day delivery, you might want to check out its benefits below.

Fast and Convenient

It’s never fun for any customer to sit and wait at home for their parcel to arrive, or to be out when the postman comes to deliver the stuff which they ordered online.

Through the click-and-collect service, customers can get their items on the same day they ordered them.

Increase Customer Spending

If you’re selling online and in a physical store, you can have your cake and eat it too because shoppers who use the click-and-collect service wind up making additional purchases while picking up their items in-store.

This is especially true for compulsive buyers who go to your shop to collect their purchases, only to walk out loaded with stuff which they bought on an impulse.

Reduce Returns

Although they’re said to be part of the eCommerce structure, product returns cost sellers a great deal of money.

Buyers often claim that they got the wrong size or colour, a defective unit, or an item that is different from what they actually ordered for.

Through click and collect, a customer will be able to see and feel the product which they want to buy before they actually purchase it online, hence avoiding returns.

Enjoy Thousands of Pick-up Points

A bricks-and-mortar shop may be the most common pick-up point, but orders can be fulfilled from more collection points such as post offices, supermarkets, schools and even railway stations.

Most eCommerce businesses offering click and collect tie up with big retailers that have a large network of shops worldwide, hence enabling them to offer their customers more collection points.

You can also opt in the click and collect program of big marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, as they too have a tie-up with renowned retailers.

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