The Insatiable Appetite for the Internet


Whilst you were tucking into your turkey on Christmas Day and becoming increasingly annoyed by your relatives were you 1 of the 107 million people in the UK who visited retail websites on that day? Some people will do anything to avoid playing charades! Recent stats from Experian have shown that UK Internet users made 84 million visits to retail websites on Christmas Eve, 107 million on Christmas Day and 113 million on Boxing Day. Boxing Day broke all previous records with web sales being up by 17% on last year.

The UK has an insatiable appetite for Internet shopping that online retailers just love to feed. It is estimated that on Boxing Day, Britons spent 14 million hours surfing the net looking for bargains. Even on Christmas Day visits to online retail sites were up 71% on the previous year. Many major retailers launched their sales as early as Christmas Eve, slashing prices on big-ticket items and consequently creating a surge in Internet use over the Christmas period.

The seeking out of bargains is rife during January and this is a great time for businesses to be communicating with their existing and potential customers about all the offers that they have in place. These are still financially strapped times in the UK and your average consumer’s are doing plenty of research on the Internet first before deciding to buy that big-ticket item. The challenge that the online retailer faces is to be prominent in the mind of the consumer when they are ready to buy. Driving people to their website is key to this and social media in conjunction with email marketing is critical to making this happen.

Just check your own email inbox and you will see that just about every company you have ever dealt with and who have your email are currently trying to engage with you about their various offers. They do this for a reason… it works. And it particularly works in January when people are striving for a bargain. The businesses that will flourish during this period are those that have compelling offers and those that have an effective way of informing people about those offers. It’s also a great time for getting people who maybe haven’t bought from you before to buy from you, therefore capturing contact details that you can utilise in the future so that you can build a relationship with them.

If you are an online retailer and you are looking to maximise on sales during January and for the rest of 2013 then email marketing will put you in pole position to achieve this. Please contact Hayley Cashmore on 0845 116 2723 or email at for more information.

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