The Importance Of Squeeze Pages For The Web Operator


The Squeeze page (also known as a lead capture page) is a product of online marketing strategies that seek to acquire feedback on products sold. These have a client’s e-mail address and promise confidentiality regarding any of the information sourced from the client.

Squeeze lead capture pages are single website page set up with the purposes of using the information sourced from clients to develop further online marketing strategies. As a result, they contain anecdotal information on products used. This is a way of selling more products to established clients and getting others. Lead capture pages are known to use the following as part of their marketing campaign.

• Color
• Well-written sales copy
• Text that uses selected key words

The use of color employed on the squeeze pages seeks to make them more attractive to the reader. Increased sales revenue figures mean that potential clients benefit from reading well-written material on products, while text rich with key words placed for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes guide potential clients to the web sites. Some web site marketing strategists use audio and video on their lead capture pages.

Here are some other characteristics of lead capture pages:

1.) Squeeze Pages’ Absent Links To Other Sites

Lead capture pages usually have no links to other sites. This keeps the attention of the client on that one site without distracting them with unnecessary information. The internet web operator who has a squeeze page has the opportunity of sending regular sales-related updates to the clients via the e-mail list. This also works as a way of building customer-relations.

2.) Capture Leads through Auto-Responder

It is important for the web site entrepreneur to note that lead capture pages often operate in conjunction with an e-mail auto-responder. This delivers information to the potential client as soon as they confirm their e-mail address. The auto-responder can also help obtain link information with the purposes of accessing related content. This also provides the client with an opportunity to download relevant material on their e-mail addresses.

3.) Ranking By Search Engines

In the opening months of 2011, Google adjusted its algorithms (problem-solving computer programs) to rank and even, in some instances, exclude some of the registered squeeze pages on basis of substandard and insufficient content. Consequently, some marketers found themselves forced to review the content of their squeeze pages to maintain the ranking established by their search engines.

Templates available on specific websites allow for easy set-up of squeeze pages. These are customized with designs and layout made to suit specific content requirements. Some of these templates are available free while some are available from the relevant website at a fee.

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