The Importance of Marketing Resource Management


Every company has to deal with a lot of issues to keep pace in a fluctuating market such as the one that we have right now. In this process we have to make one thing clear: the customer is the one that gives the money so the company keeps running. Therefore, we must take excellent care of them. We have to find ways to support our customers through marketing. Here is where the Marketing Resource Management makes its appearance.

This is a powerful tool that provides the needed software that will keep the people, the process and technology integrated so the marketing related activities can be improved. The marketing operations role is growing in importance in most organizations. This Marketing Resource Management technology can help the marketing area to work in harmony with your planning, design and production areas.

But one question arises. You may say, “I´m used to working with my customers through email, spreadsheets, documents. Do I really need this type of software?” Well, the answer to this is quite simple. Wouldn´t you like to have all of your work integrated in one place that will help you meet marketers´ requirements? This will result in better budgeting, planning, process management, and tracking. Marketing Resource Management software can help you optimize your processes, manage your brand assets, localization and distribution, have a better management of resources, use dynamic calendars, understand the needs of the customers, create better strategies and provide solutions to the problems that may arise.

What we need now is an organization that is connected, not one that every part is on its own. A company that improves its processes is more efficient and effective. If you can use the same documents, brochures, quotations, proposals and any kind of marketing material needed all around your company, this will give you more power to reach new customers instead of losing time designing every time new ones.

Right now you have to take advantage of the new opportunities that are arising. With Web 2.0 and web-related marketing channels, this is a solution that would help you to integrate easier and better your enterprise.

Among the advantages that Marketing Resource Management could have that can be integrated to your other company software key components could be to plan and budget to handle the money more efficiently, a marketing calendar so you can coordinate in a more adequate way any campaign, marketing organization that will help you to organize by brand, product, customer segments which give the opportunity to personalize your products, among others, and the work flow because right now marketing requires collaboration and input from different marketers and workers so it can be more effective.

One of the main benefits that the Marketing Resource Management can offer you is saving money. You can have big gains just by leveraging the marketing investments, when you, for example, start reducing your cycle time and the management of documents. All of this can be done just by using the Marketing Resource Management software in the correct form and taking advantage of all the information that it provides and using it to improve company resources and giving a better product and service to clients.


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