The Google Keyword Search Engine – How You Can Use It to Fuel Your Internet Marketing Efforts


You know how to use a search engine. You type in some words that describe what you are looking for and then out pops a listing of relevant information.

Well a Google keyword search engine works pretty much the same way. Only the output you are looking for is keywords that people are using to search for things and how many people are using that keyword.

What you gain from this data is a look into the minds of people searching for things in a particular niche. It give you an idea about how they think and talk about your niche.

How many people are searching?

You also get a number for approximately how many people are thinking along those lines.

Once you have this information from the Google keyword search engine, you can speak the language of your potential customers. And you can create content that is optimized for the words they are using to find information.

This is powerful information!

What do they hope to gain?

It also helps you to relate to what people’s needs are.

A person looking hoping lose weight for a wedding has a different motivation than someone doing it for health reasons. You have to speak to each of those people in a different way.

How do you analyze the output?

OK, so now that you’ve got this data from the Google keyword search engine, how do you determine what keywords have promise and which ones don’t? How do you know what words you stand a chance of getting to the top of the search engines for?

Once you know the popularity side for the keyword, wouldn’t it be great to know exactly how many other pages out there are optimized for that keyword?

How do you put the data to use?

Well, you can! Here’s how I do it.

I compliment the data I get from the Google keyword search engine with another tool. It tells me the EXACT number of pages on the internet that I’ll have to compete against. And it even tells me how good my chances are of ranking well based on that number.

So now that you what people are looking, how many people are searching, and the words they are using to search, you’re half way there.

All you need to bring your keyword research full circle is a solid analysis of your competition.

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