The Fundamentals of Product Description Writing


In an earlier article, we pointed out that other than being a straight-shooter, there are no hard and fast rules in writing a first rate product description. This allows for change, progress and creativity. You have the ability to adjust your message for your particular audience. Beware of writers or writing services that claim to have a method or an approach that works for everyone. However, we are making an effort to point out that there are controlling principles and guidelines that have served successful online copywriters and description writers for many years. The emphasis is on “successful”, with success defined as making online sales.

The Internet is overflowing with inexperienced, sub-standard copy writers and writing services that do not know and apply these principles and guidelines. And that is most often the very reason their product descriptions do not get the job done. We employ up-to-date important fundamentals in writing an effective description of your products. These fundamentals include,

  • eliminating obsolete rules and guidelines.
  • including changes that have been brought about by the Internet and related technology.

However there are time tested fundamentals of good copy writing have not changed and will be emphasized. This will ensure that your individuality will come out in your writing while effectively selling your products. Bad descriptions often stem from two errors that keep coming up over and over. These errors are,

  1. Failure to stick to the fundamentals of good copy writing, and,
  2. Copying the job descriptions from other websites.

Copying the descriptions from other websites is not an option. With today’s technology, plagiarism can be ferreted out in seconds. Yes! Literally seconds. Besides the questions of legal issues it could raise, it is bad practice and bad form. It is fine to emulate great product description writing, but never copy. We do not recommend paraphrasing other writers. Every description must be original, fresh and be 100 % yours.

To the surprise of some, writing is not the most important skill in writing effective product descriptions. Great description writing more than just words. Creating a first rate product description is not primarily about writing, it is about selling. It is using every marketing technique and psychological skill you can muster to get every sale possible.

Your online content is your personal sales representative. It represents you, your company and your product. And words are the means for taking that message from you to the customer.

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