The Difference Between A Promotion And A News Letter


Most businessmen are constantly on the lookout for ways to attract new customers. It is no secret that advertising takes up a huge part of the budget for many enterprises, but it is seen as an investment. After all, you can’t make money without spending money. That much is certainly true – but exactly how much money do you have to spend in order to make more of it? Many ad agencies will advocate big, flashy campaigns, but there are also several time-honored ways like publishing a monthly newsletter that will help bring in the sales.

A news letter allows you to communicate periodically with clients who have already done business with you. This is a distinct advantage associated with the monthly newsletter; instead of chasing after customers who have not noticed you yet, it gives you a chance to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with those who already have. Many businesses are in the habit of sending promotional emails out on a regular basis; what is the difference between these promotions and a news letter?

Both email promotions and a monthly newsletter can be effective marketing tools. However, each one serves a different purpose. As the manager of a business, you should be aware of the difference between the two in order to use each medium effectively. To begin with, a promotion is simply a one-way communication tool. Its purpose is primarily to drive up sales in a particular period and thus works with a short-time goal.

Promotions are great during holidays to help you grab your share of the market when people are in a spending mood. They are also useful for helping you dispose of old stocks and make room for new inventory. They are also a good way to give incentives and rewards to loyal customers. When it is a slow period for sales, they will also help you meet your quotas. Because of their nature, promotions contain a lot of direct calls to action like “Buy now!” or “Take advantage of this special offer while supplies last!”

On the other hand, a news letter is a marketing tool that has long-term goals. It is a bit more effective in hard copy rather than as emails, because a monthly newsletter is meant to be read and savoured rather than serve as a notification that must be acted upon in a certain period of time. A news letter is supposed to help you build a lasting relationship with your customers, encouraging repeat business and referrals.

Because it promises to deliver “news” it also positions you and your business as a resource by providing information about your industry or niche. It is ostensibly supposed to “educate and inform,” building your reputation and credibility over a span of months. It will even help you get referrals by being passed on from your customer to his colleagues, family and friends.

The difference between a promotion and a monthly newsletter lies primarily in their purpose. Promotions seek short-term rewards, while a news letter is more after building a lasting relationship geared towards getting repeat business.

So if you are starting out a business and you want to earn your trust from your clients, it would be great to send out substantial news letter to give them a guide and credible information.

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