The Decline of Yellow Pages and Rise of Local Search


Once upon a time, a local business owner’s best friend was the Yellow Pages. Both virtually and in person, the Yellow Pages were a consumer’s best way and in some cases only way to find what they needed locally. Well, times are most certainly changing and with that, your business models and marketing ideas simply have to change. The day when an ad in the local Yellow Pages would bring you the majority of your sales and customers has passed and we’re entering an entirely new world when it comes to making more sales and earning more money as a small business, the world of Local Search.

Today, it’s not very often you find an active and spending consumer who does not carry their iPhone, Blackberry or any smart phone for that matter. This means that the people who are spending the most money are all using similar devices. As a small local business owner, this makes the necessary method of reaching your prospective consumers those types of devices. Studies have shown that the majority of these devices offer something called Local Search. Local Search is essentially a feature that allows a consumer to use their location to find the closest and most relevant small businesses to go to not only from home but while they are out and about.

A lot of business owners cringe at the thought of the need for the Yellow Pages to dissipate but in the long term this could potentially be an excellent new finding. If consumers are using their computers to find small businesses using Local Search, then you’re opening yourself to every consumer that passes anywhere within a 100 mile radius or more depending on how unique your business is. Not only are you able to reach local home owners but you can reach travelers and passer-bys as well.

Of course this means you’re going to have to throw those Yellow Page ads you’ve drawn up in the garbage and get working on a new business and marketing model but the decline of the Yellow Pages isn’t all bad folks!

The rise of Local Search is giving you the chance to increase your revenue, you’ve just got to change your mind set and get focused on the virtual world we’re crossing over to. In addition, you have to learn to embrace the rise of Local Search and enjoy the opportunities that it has to offer.

To make sure you’re on the Local Search bandwagon, be sure to keep working on your SEO and web development. These are going to be crucial aspects to your small business and with the downfall of Yellow Pages becoming exceedingly prevalent, you’re going to need to brush up on your resources. Another huge aspect of the rise of Local Search is the local-social communication that is sweeping SEO advocates worldwide. With sites like Facebook and Twitter for free at your finger tips, you simply cannot afford to isolate yourself. So get social, get SEO savvy and get ready for the revolution because the days of Yellow Pages are sadly (or fortunately) no more!

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