The Best Way To Build A Marketing Relationship With A New Email Subscriber


Far too many people go about email marketing and list building the wrong way. Even though you can write one email and broadcast an email to everyone who is voluntarily opted in to your email subscriber list, you can still do it in a personal way. You can do that by finding out what your subscribers’ problem is by mirroring their language and by reminding them who you are any time you send out emails or try to get them to read a message from you and click on a link and check out your offer.

You need to think about the reason people are subscribing to your list. Someone finds you on an opt-in page or a landing page and you’re usually giving away something for free – a free newsletter, a free report, a free video or freebies of software – and they provide their name and email address to you to become a subscriber. Once they’re on your list, you can then continue to give that new subscriber good information and the option to click on links and buy things from you.

But it really helps to get to know that subscriber. That’s why one of the first few emails you send to someone in your email sequence is to ask them what their problem is. What’s holding them back? For example, if you’re building a list of weight loss subscribers and you provided a piece of weight loss software such as a calculator for free and someone joined your list, you could ask that list, “Why haven’t you lost weight? Is the issue that you don’t like to exercise, you don’t like to put in a lot of time, the diets don’t work?”

Many of these people came to you because they have a problem, so they will be very eager to tell you what is stopping them. And even if you don’t put this question in your follow-up sequence, simply hit the button to broadcast this message or question to everyone who is already on your email marketing list.

Even if you have a small email list, you will get several responses and you’ll see patterns and you’ll see that many people use the same keywords. For example, if everyone says that their tired or they don’t have energy, then you now know to mirror their language back to them. So, if everyone seems to reply the same words like “energy” then you can use that in your marketing, in your sales letters, in your videos, in the email messages you send out. Use these words like energy because they will resonate and make these people sit up and pay close attention and listen to what you have to say.

Above all, remind your subscribers who you are. Do business under your real first and last name, show your picture on your website and explain what your personal story is and how you can use that to help them. It’s really tempting on the Internet to hide behind the company name or a nickname and not give out any personal details, but if your subscribers know you and they like you and they trust you then the chances are much higher that they will buy from you.

The best way to build a relationship with that new subscriber is to find out what their problem is, mirror their language, write back to them and remind them who you are with your details and your personality.

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