The Best of the Best Search Engine Gurus


As it happens to be the case, people usually want to have the very best of everything. They are not usually interested in all the options available. Neither do they like exploring for the best alternative. They want to get stuff done fast and easy. No one likes running the extra mile for an errand. Nowadays, search engines are being used very often as they denote a vast library of information with infinite bounds. To facilitate the users of search engines, the following list is a good gauge for where to start from when in times of distress (another name for negative stress).

1. Duck Duck Go

This service resembles Google quite a lot, but in reality it differs from it from the very core. Where Google tracks user information and search history, Duck Duck Go believes in exactly the opposite. They think that saving any user’s personal history is an infringement against someone’s privacy and should not be taken lightly. The clean and ad-free interface adds a lot to the charm. Add to that zero-click policy, where all your answers are found on the first page and you’ve got yourself a nice deal at a very cheap price.

2. Ask (a.k.a. Ask Jeeves)

The AJ is an old household name in the field of the search engines. Its cleaner interface leads to its results being a lot more understandable than Google, Bing or Yahoo. The result groupings are also quite nicely done, due to which it gets more points for the interface. A clean and organized interface, and that’s just about it to compete with the major shareholders in the market of the search engines.

3. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a favorite pastime for long time users of the internet. It is as the name suggests an archive of everything on the internet. It has pictures and clippings of events that happened in the past and allows you to travel back in time by going to the specific date. You may not visit the site as frequently as you open up Google, Yahoo or Bing, but the trip down memory lane would be more than worth it.

4. Yippy (former Clusty)

Yippy is a deep web engine that searches through other search engines and filters the relevant information for you. Unlike other search engines which just brush against the service, Yippy actually takes a plunge into the real data and tries to find out things which are relevant to you in the most obscure of databases. For instance, obscure blogs, government information, academic research and any other hidden data. So if your required research lies embedded within a hidden database, then Yippy is the thing for you.

5. Yahoo!

Yahoo is an all-in-one package. It has a news aggregator, games center, shopping center, travel information service, holiday advice, email service and a search engine. The unleashing of a whole portal to the user opens up a new range of possibilities. For all those who think that searching the web is all about learning and experimentation, Yahoo is the thing for you.

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