The Best Keyword Tools


There are many different ways that you can market your online business. Each strategy has specific skills that you will need to master if you want your business to be successful. One of those skills that will be needed for several marketing techniques is the ability to find great keywords.

When people start thinking about keywords, they usually come up with a long list of keywords they would like to target. The problem is that other people have likely thought of the same keywords because they are common and popular terms. Since those words are so common, it means there is a great deal of competition for them. If you focus your marketing on those kinds of words, chances are that you will spin your wheels and never make any progress because of the level of competition.

If you want to find keywords that can actually help your business, you need to review some of the best keyword tools that are available and find ones that suit your business and your marketing methods.

The Google keyword tool is one of the first tools that people usually look at. This is a great tool to get started with because it is free. The other search engines also have their own keyword tools, but Google is by far the most popular one. If you are using pay-per-click marketing, you may want to start with the Google tool, but you should also review your words in the other search engines. The different engines have a slightly different customer base so PPC words that are great in one engine might not be good in another one.

When discussing the best keyword tools, Word Tracker is usually the one that comes up next. This is a tool that requires a monthly subscription. This can be expensive, depending on how much you will need to use it. If you’re just marketing for a single business, it might be worth it to set aside a lot of time for keyword research and complete all your research for the year in the first month so you can avoid the monthly cost.

Market Samurai is considered one of the best keyword tools available. This is a paid tool, but it is a one time fee with no subscription required. This system handles all of the basic keyword research you can get with the other tools, but the MS system has many things the other tools don’t have.

One of the best features of the MS system is the detail that is providing when you are analyzing the competition. The Google tool tells you whether the competition for a particular phrase is low, medium or high. Word Tracker tells you more about the competition by giving you the number of sites you will be competing against. However, those only tell you how many sites you are competing with. MS also gives you detail on the strength of that competition. If you only have 10 sites that you are competing against, it seems like it would be really easy to rank for that word. However, if all 10 sites have millions of backlinks, are aged domains and are SEO optimized with keywords in the domain name, you will never rank for it. Market Samurai tells you this.

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