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This topic on the best autoresponder service is widely discussed over the internet, as it is a very big deal, especially for us internet marketers. There are many to choose from, so when you first approach the area, it’s tough to figure out where is best to start. Which autoresponder service do you use? Why do so many people us this service? How much does it cost? How do you use them effectively? So many questions come up, it can become quite overwhelming. But, really in actual fact, it doesn’t have to be so strenuous at all. So let’s take a look at some autoresponders, and why they are so popular:

  • Aweber – Ok, so Aweber is very popular, if not the most popular. I personally use Aweber, however this is not a promotion for them, it’s me merely stating why I use and like them. Aweber are affordable for one, starting with the $1 trial! They also have outstanding customer service, they call you up after you sign up and ask if you need anything and welcome you to the service. I was quite shocked when I got the call, mainly because I’m from the United Kingdom and live there, and got a call from overseas from someone with a totally different accent. I’ve never had an issue with Aweber, this is why I still use them today.
  • GetResponse – Now a lot of people use GetResponse, they are pretty much on a level with Aweber. As far as I know, they offer all the same services as Aweber, and have good customer service too. The pricing is also very similar, and nothing to moan about. There has always been an argument with Aweber and GetResponse as to which is better. To me, I don’t care, I’m not going to waste my time with this, they both work fine, it’s the results we get from these services that matter right?
  • MailChimp – So, MailChimp is a little different to the other autoresponders, there is a free option. You can store up to 2,000 clients and send up to 12,000 emails using their services absolutely free. But, if you want to send more emails, the pricing plan comes into action. It’s something like $10 for 0-500 subs and being able to send unlimited emails.
  • ListWire – Ok, so ListWire is similar to MailChimp in that it’s free to use. The only difference here is, ListWire is free for unlimited emails and you can get up to 10,000 subs on your list. The only problem I see, is that when you reach your maximum subs, you can’t export your list into another autoresponder automatically, you’d have to get all your existing subs at ListWire to opt-in again to a new autoresponder service (this is if you want to go over 10,000 subs if not it’s perfect for you).

OK so here are some awesome autoresponders, and they all have very good points, and some have some less positive factors to them, but they still have their own unique traits. But, in my opinion, if you want to build a big list, and to have no limits, Aweber or GetResponse is where you should go. However, you could use MailChimp for this, as you have the option to get more subs and pay. But, if you want to build a small list, and aren’t too fussed about going over 10,000 subs, ListWire could be for you. At the end of it all, the paid services are very cheap, and the return on investment is a no brainer. I hope you bare this all in mind when deciding upon the best autoresponder service.

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