The Benefits of Email Newsletters


In general, not every social media platform works for every organization. If there is any exception to the rule, it’s email newsletters. Arguably the number one social network online today, emails have a different level of importance than the other social networks. Let’s take a look at five benefits of using them to market your business or organization.

1. Email is the biggest social network online.

Twitter has over 575 million accounts, and Facebook reportedly has 901 million users. But a study by the Radicati group showed that as of 2012, there are an amazing 3.3 billion email accounts. That’s more accounts than Twitter and Facebook combined!

2. Emails are more personal and more important than other platforms.

Obviously this may or may not hold true for everyone. But in general, an email delivered straight into someone’s inbox is perceived as more personal than a broadcast message on social networking websites. You sent it specifically to their inbox. And on top of that, emails are generally viewed as more important than messages on Facebook or Twitter.

3. Subscribers’ attention is yours to lose.

Twitter is updated so frequently, your tweets can quickly get lost for individuals that don’t check the website frequently. And Facebook uses a complex algorithm (Edgerank) that will only display your update to a small percentage of your fans. With an email, you will at least have the opportunity for subscribers to see the subject line in the email. You do have to grab their attention with that subject line or risk losing their attention, but you do have the opportunity.

4. You can test ideas privately.

Whether it’s a special deal, new product or service, an event, or something else entirely, your email list is a great testing bed. You can test a new offering without the general public even being aware that it’s available, which helps you determine if you should invest time or money in additional marketing, or if the idea’s likely to be a flop.

5. You own your email list.

Social media platforms will come and go. (MySpace, anyone?) But email has been around for decades, and shows no signs of going anywhere. And how many times have you heard horror stories about someones Facebook or Twitter account getting hacked? With the ability to export your email list at any time, you can actually take your contacts with you. You really do own that social media marketing channel.

What are you waiting for? Get started planning your email marketing now.

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