The Basics Of A Content-Based Email Marketing Campaign


Bottom line, you must have an email marketing campaign if you plan on succeeding long term in this business. Your email campaign must do 2 things… It must build a relationship and trust, and it must compel people to buy stuff from you. That’s really all there is to it.

For a content-based email marketing campaign to work, you must have a minimum of 100 emails in your campaign. You’re going to send out an email every day for 100 days. The quicker you write the 100 emails, the better. I personally recommend to sit down and write 25 emails in one sitting. You will find yourself in a rhythm and you’ll find the emails flow better.

If you absolutely can’t find the time to write a bunch of emails in one sitting, then make it a priority to write at least one email per day, and do that first thing in the morning. You can spend 30 minutes or less writing one email, and then you have the rest of your day to do whatever else you typically do.

In typical email campaigns, what usually happens is the first few emails are content based, but then at some point the emails turn to sales emails so the person can make some money. There’s nothing wrong with this formula, but I think you’ll find a content-based email campaign will work better for you in the long run.

Here’s what you do…

Before you write any email, choose 10 products to promote to your list. I’m assuming these products are specific to your niche and will help people solve their problems. The products can either be affiliate products or your own products you created. You’re going to write 10 emails for every product giving you 100 total emails.

Every email you write will be content-based and you will craft the email around one of the products you’re promoting. You will teach something very valuable and you’ll give them ‘the goods’. Somewhere in the email, or at the very end after your signature (wherever it makes the most sense), you’re going to incorporate the product into the email.

For example, let’s say you’re promoting a product creation program. You’d write the email giving tips and techniques about how to create products for your business. At the end of the email, you could write something like this… ‘By the way, if you want more information about how to create your own killer information products, check out this great program…’ That kind of stuff really works.

The psychological effect of a content-based email campaign is that your readers get fresh content everyday AND they get opportunities to buy from you. If they like your content, they’ll keep reading day after day.

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