The Basic Knowledge About Search Engine Crawlers Will Turn You Into an Advanced Internet Guru


As an Advanced Internet Guru I have enjoyed my wonderful experience as a student assistant in our library in college. It is part of my scholarship and I was paid for hours I worked then. Researchers will come to me and ask for a book or books that they need for specific topic. Once they gave me a word or phrase of topic, it was never hard for me to locate exact references because I was allowed and able to ask probing questions.

At first, I wondered how search engines could possibly locate hundreds or even thousands of results a single word typed in a search box field of search engines. Another thing is how it can identify which web page or website it will place in the first and in the last item of results. Are search engines working fair to the entire websites connected to them? Just a thought, until I studied and found the work around of search engines about providing results to an inquiry. Having this knowledge can turn you into an advanced internet guru

Search engine crawlers or spiders are the workers that help an online user find what he or she is looking for. It is just like me when I was working in a library but they are not capable of asking more information to get exactly what is in the mind of the online user. These spiders does not have own judgment to which web page be on the first result because it is just a robot programmed to do certain task. It will go to the database and get all those web pages that have the same word or phrase needed within the first 100 words. And based on studies, the more clicks a webpage have, the higher ranking it will get in the search engine.

With this simple knowledge I have looked at the results on Google in a whole new way. And even better than that, I now have the knowledge needed to do Search Engine Optimization. And now, you can be an advanced internet guru.

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