The Attention-Grabbing Subject Line


When you’re writing an email marketing message, the subject line of the message is the most important part of the email. The subject line of your email message carries the exact same duties as the headline of your sales letter, it’s a “mini advertisement” to get the reader to open the email message and read the rest of your “ad”. If your subject line doesn’t grab the reader, he will never read the actual email message. Therefore, your subject line has to really grab their attention or arouse their curiosity!

To do this, you need to use a subject line that informs the reader of a great benefit waiting for him in the message, or reveals to him how to solve a problem.

You can also use the method of arousing curiosity by using a subject line that is a little vague, that tempts the reader to find out more about the subject if he opens the email and reads the message. Whether you use the “benefit” method or the “curiosity” method, the main idea here is to get the reader to open the email. That’s all. Your main goal right now is to get the reader to open the email.

Be honest!

Don’t exaggerate on your statements and never lie. Email marketing is based on trust and building a long-lasting relationship with your customers. If start off the relationship by making false statements, you will not get very far before people un-subscribe themselves from your list.

Note: Sometimes, even when your statement is honest and real, you may have to water it down a little bit if it sounds too good to be true. For example, just because you caught 100 fishes the first day out with your new “magic lure” does not necessarily mean you should state that in your subject line. It may not sound “unbelievable” despite the fact that it actually happened.

Do not use “symbols” on any part of your email message, especially your subject line. The symbols I’m referring to are asterisks (*), exclamation points (!), pound signs or dollar signs (#, $) and other such marks. Messages that use these characters are usually the first ones to get deleted since they are often viewed as by the reader as “spam”. Also, avoid using hype, buzz words, or ALL CAPS. Such words may sound rude to certain type of people and ultimately the aim is to capture the attentions of many readers as possible.

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