The Advantages of Using Business Ecards


Sending a corporate ecard over a paper card has many advantages, making this form of communication a powerful and new marketing channel. Once tried and tested, many businesses have incorporated them into their long term marketing plans and some have had such successful results that they are now developing specially designed micro-sites with e card providers, in order to tailor sets of their own corporate e cards and manage sending them to their customer and prospect lists themselves.

The advantages of sending business ecards over paper versions

  • The most obvious reason for wanting to send a corporate e card is the format. Being digital, they are more environmentally friendly than a paper card and easier to organise. No one is left handwriting 3000 paper cards or ordering a print run of 5000 bespoke paper cards only to find they only needed 4500.
  • Being more environmentally friendly, corporate ecards are also a great way to let your customers and prospects know that you care about the environment which has a positive impact on your brand image.
  • Corporate e cards are significantly cheaper than paper cards. Even if you buy a cheap packet from the supermarket for 99p, you will still incur the cost of getting someone to handwrite each one nicely and this is before you look into the cost of posting each one.
  • Animated business ecards can be very entertaining and captivating. Delivering your brand message to an audience who are being entertained at the same time is an extremely powerful marketing method and is more affective in influencing the positive perception of your brand.
  • Most companies providing company e cards will allow you to add your own weblink to your ecard. This is a fantastic way of getting traffic to your website, and remember, the more entertaining your e card, the more likely it is to be passed on and bring you brand new traffic to your website.

The advantage of sending corporate ecards to customers and prospects can be so good, that many companies have taken the decision to pay to have their own created, hosting them on a specially created micro-site. This type of project entails setting up a website wherein the full functions of a normal ecard website are mirrored; users can select cards to send to people on their mailings lists just as they can on a typical e card website, however, the catalogue from which they choose, is full of branded and specially designed ecards, each one with a specially designed brand message which has been decided on to help boost sales, increase repeat custom and brand loyalty.

More and more companies are opting to use this type of marketing as the response is so positive maybe because the sales message is subtler than many traditional forms of marketing.

Whatever the reason for this move to corporate ecards, most will agree that it is definitely a channel worth testing.

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