The 5 Best Free Services To Create A New Email Address


Having an email in today’s digitalized world is extremely important. You need an email account for just about everything, for example maintaining your social and business lives, talking to clients, marketing your products and even making payments. Since emails are so crucial these days, you need to know which email service is the best and which one is the most reliable.

Most email services are free, actually almost all are free. So when you have the option of so many free email services to choose from, which one should you opt for. Gmail, which is a project of Google, is on the top of the list of the top free services. It has both a social networking and a chat feature, along with unlimited storage space. Unlimited over here is in the sense that your Gmail is not likely to ever become full of emails despite its storage limit. This is mainly because of its 7 GB storage space which is unlikely to get full anytime soon; in the case it ever does, you can always avail the option of purchasing extra storage space.

The next email service which is highly recommended is Zoho mail. This is basically for professional use with its option to let you save templates which can be used for future email formats. It has an unlimited storage with a set quota for the number of mails sent and received. The main reason why it has second position in the best free services is due to its high level of professional use. It has various business hosting plans which allow you to use Zoho mail with your personal domains and email policies.

Yahoo! mail is another excellent option to go for. It has a variety of features such as SMS texting, social networking and along with these it also has unlimited storage. Special care has been taken to make Yahoo! Mail user friendly and a pleasure to use. It has the key feature of being fun and enjoyable. Another important feature that Yahoo! has is the fact that in addition to its spam folder you now have the ability to block email messages. With this feature you do not have to get email from someone you do not want. All of the above given features and many more make Yahoo! mail a pleasure to use.

Next, we have Windows Live Hotmail, which used to be extremely popular a few years back but lately its popularity isn’t what it used to be. Constantly new features are being added to it and Hotmail keeps on getting upgraded every now and then but it still cannot manage to have the same standard as Gmail or the others. Despite its downsides like not having a proper search system and not offering IMAP access, Windows Live Hotmail is still considered to be amongst the best services of email providers.

Lastly, we have AIM Mail which is AOL’s free email service. What AIM lacks in productivity it makes up in having an excellent, user friendly interface and fool proof spam protection. AIM’s interface allows calendar, chat and social networking to combine together in such a way that the user has no trouble in going from one task to another.

Due to the fact that email and social networking has become so important, we all need to find a good email service so that we can optimize our usage and have the best services that are in the market.

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