The 4 Main Methods of Search Engine Marketing


Search engine marketing (SEM) has been the most popular platform for business owners and marketers today. It is because they can effectively promote products and services to people worldwide by using the potential of the Word Wide Web.

Unlike the conventional marketing and advertising where you must exert a lot of effort and spend huge amount of money, search engine marketing enables you to run a campaign through the use of the internet. By spending couple of hours a day in front of the computer, you are assured to have a lucrative income.

SEM’s main goal is to generate traffic by luring people to visit your website; when you are able to increase your site traffic, you have a great chance in ranking high on top search engines. With a good ranking, you are most likely to gain a reputation among online users, thus overpowering your competitors and earning a rewarding profit.

The 4 main methods in search engine marketing are: search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), article marketing, and video marketing. Here the basic features of the above mentioned main SEM methods.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective ways of SEM as it aims on letting your website get the prime position in the search engine result page (SERP). Once you have a dominant spot on SERPs, your website is more likely to be clicked by online users.

In SEO, you must have to work on the ideal keywords as such keywords are what people would usually type to find answers to the queries and be able to land on your website. You can use keyword research and analysis for you to identify the keywords ideal to be included in your campaign.

Pay-per-click (PPC) on the other hand is a paid advertisement where advertisers will only pay the host if their ad is clicked. Here, they bid on keyword phrases that will be likely be used by their target audience.

The main advantage of such a method is that your ads are strategically positioned on some parts of a webpage where it will only wait for online users to notice the ad. However, the main disadvantage of PPC is that most people prefer to click items that appear based on their query results.

Article marketing is a search engine marketing tool wherein online marketers must create quality content articles with good quantity and submit them on different websites and article hosting sites. Keep in mind that your write-ups must be related to the nature of your business and have them submitted on relevant sites.

Video marketing is more likely the same with the purpose of article marketing, but the only difference is its medium where marketers use video to instantly attract people’s attention. It is a more dynamic way of presenting ideas and running a campaign.

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