Text Vs HTML Email – What Are the Pros and Cons?


What is Text format email?

Text emails are with simple and plain text like your notepad document. When you open an email you will see the plain text without any colors or images. By default most mail clients set to display text emails only.

Pros of Text format:

* Default display of mail clients: Most display them without any problem or change of settings.

* Low in bandwidth: Less bytes compared to HTML emails so usage of low resources or bandwidth.

* Preferable format: Most subscribers think that HTML emails carry email viruses, so they prefer to go with text emails if the option is available.

Cons of Text format:

* Not appealing: We can not input colors or images. So text emails are not eye appealing like HTML emails.

* Difficult to highlight: Like HTML email we can not use colors. So we need to keep special characters like asterisks, lines, arrows etc. to make text prominent in text emails.

* Tracking email openings: Not possible with text emails as it needs insertion of an image to track. But we can track link clicks in text emails.

What is HTML format email?

HTML emails are like web pages. If you open your email you will see the images, colored font and links. Unless you change your mail client settings to display html, they don’t display this html. This HTML code is displayed as raw HTML like you see the source of a web page.

Pros of HTML format:

* Eye appealing: Because of graphics and colors, they appear vibrant to subscribers eyes. More easy to highlight links and make the font prominent which catches the subscribers eyes.

* Tracking: Email opening tracking possible with HTML emails along with link click tracking.

Cons of HTML format:

* More weight: Because of graphics and HTML code. Sometimes it will be difficult to pass these e-mails in spam filters.

* Viruses and.exe files: People think that HTML emails sent by hackers carry viruses and files like infected.exe files. This makes them not to prefer HTML format even from legit publishers.

* Mail client settings: Need to change mail client settings to get these HTML displayed. Not many subscribers know how to do this. So they end up looking at your raw HTML code in their mail client.

* Blocking: Many mail clients like hotmail block images and links. You need to set the them as safe before they display graphics.

Though many ezine publishers prefer to send the email in HTML format, it will be better to provide an option to your subscriber where he chooses text or HTML email formats.

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