Ten Tips For Writing Effective Email Messages


Writing effective email messages is a challenge to most marketers, especially newbies. Although most people think it’s easy to write mails, writing emails for your marketing campaigns is not like writing emails to your pals. Since you are writing with an aim of turning your visitors into buyers, you need to acquire the skill of writing messages that impact on your subscribers.

In this article, I would like to share with you 10 tips of writing effective email messages intended for your marketing campaigns. If you really want to succeed with your email marketing drives, you have to take the following points into consideration when writing your emails.

1. Taking care of the way you compose your email SUBJECT LINE is one of the most important factors in writing effective email messages. Your subject line should be brief but giving the message you want to convey to your readers. If the subject line fails to attract your readers’ attention, they will see no reason why they open to read your messages. Learn techniques of how to write attention grabbing subject lines or headlines. Remember that a powerful subject line or headline is a key aspect of writing effective emails.

2. Learn how to use the Carbon Copy (Cc) and the Blind Carbon Copy (Bcc) sections well. When sending your email messages to more than one person, it’s important for you NOT to place the rest of the email addresses in the Carbon Copy Section because they will be read by all your recipients. To avoid this happening, place the additional email addresses in the Blind Carbon Copy section. The addresses will not be viewed by other recipients, who will receive your messages.

3. Use opening questions when starting your messages. Knowing how to compose attention grabbing questions at the beginning of your mails is an important factor in writing effective emails.

4. Call for action when ending your email messages. Remember that the purpose of your messages is to turn your visitors into buyers. It’s therefore important to learn various techniques of ending your messages with a call for action if you want your messages to be effective.

5. Writing effective email messages requires you to use the best email format. Although people may prefer using HTML format for various reasons, text format is still the best option because not all your readers will be able to view your message in HTML The best way of writing effective email messages is by using the two versions to accommodate all your readers. But if you are not conversant with HTML, then text is the only option you have.

6. Personalizing your emails is an attention grabbing way of writing effective email messages. When you are writing your headlines and message body, it’s effective to refer to your recipients by their names. People respond positively when they perceive themselves as being part of your group.

7. Mind about the length of your email lines. When typing your emails, try to limit each line to not more than 65 characters because some email programs do not automatically wrap the text. If you do not do this, some of your email recipients may either receive your email message as one long sentence or a zigzagged kind of text with lines not proportionately distributed.

8. Use links well. When placing web addresses in your email messages, begin the addresses with http:// but not with www because some email programs may not automatically create live links with only www. Additionally, when including an email address within your email message, always include “mailto” to create a live link.

9. State the benefits clearly. Writing effective email messages entails pointing out the benefits of buying your products or using your services. Your email message is like your ad copy or sales copy. People are more likely to take action if they can see realistic benefits in your messages.

10. Last but not least, write your email messages in easy and understand English. Remember that you are writing to make a sale and to make sense as well. Simple English will enable your readers to understand your messages properly.

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