Supercharge Your Email Marketing for Maximum Impact


Since the time that email first connected people to each other online, email marketing has been an integral way of selling, marketing and otherwise promoting someone or something. Marketing through email can be a highly effective method of promotion if done correctly.

How many times do you get a suspicious-looking email in your inbox? Maybe a few times a week, maybe a few times per day? The truth is that most people get unsolicited email several times per day.

As marketers, we want to avoid being grouped into this suspicious group at all costs. Think about it – all is lost if we write a compelling email only to have it never even reach the recipients inbox, much less opened.

Creating a killer email marketing campaign is easy to do with the right foundation. First, lay the groundwork for what your purpose is. Emails are a nuisance if they aren’t backed by solid, worthwhile information. Nobody wants to receive messages that are full of fluff and don’t have any real meaning. Craft a compelling statement and you will have a good foundation to start with.

The next thing to focus on in your marketing campaign is to make sure you have a clear call to action within your email. Having links to click on that lead somewhere else is a best practice to utilize in your emails. The reason why is so that your subscribers get used to the idea of clicking links in the email. You can send emails day after day that never have a call to action of any kind. The one time that you do have a link to click, you may be faced with either no clicks or a higher than normal level of unsubscribes.

Another thing to consider in your supercharged email marketing campaigns is the frequency of your messages. Some niche markets will not support daily emails – there are quite a few out there that are like this. In these niches, a daily email will do nothing more than annoy your subscribers. In most cases, there is not enough information to give out on a daily basis anyway.

Other niches, like many within Internet Marketing, a daily email is quite acceptable. The key is to test out your emails.

Test out the frequency, the subject lines, the content, where the links are, in other words, test out everything you can.

Email marketing campaigns will only be successful if you are armed with the essential information to supercharge your messages. Consider your message first – make it matter. Then, have a clear call to action within your email. And finally, test out the frequency to see what works best for your market.

Combining these methods will create a highly effective email marketing online business.

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