Successful Email Campaigns


Creating on-going email campaigns are how professional internet marketers build their online businesses and make those 6- and 7-figure incomes. But not just any email campaign will do the trick. There are a few crucial elements needed to be successful. Here are a few of them.

Effective Email Campaigns Include More Than One Message

Sending one email message to your list won’t amount to anything. Successful marketers send 5 to 7 messages focusing on one product offering. Remember, it takes multiple exposures to an offer before a prospect will buy.The first message is an introduction of yourself and/or what you’re going to be presenting to them in following emails.

Try to tell an interesting and entertaining story with your email sequence. Get your reader emotionally involved and draw them into your “story”.

Another approach is to bring up a problem they may be experiencing. This “problem” will vary depending on the niche you’re marketing to. Then in a subsequent email, give a solution to the problem.

Always Include a Bonus In Your Email Campaigns

About the second or third email message, you need to offer a bonus to those who order the product you’re offering. Your bonus could be a report or video giving good, solid content. Make sure it provides real value. It should be something you could sell by itself.

Give your bonus a name. This will ensure it sticks in the prospects mind. Also, put a real limit on the number of bonuses you’ll be giving away. This will add a small element of scarcity, which will increase your conversion rate. Try to keep your maximum number of bonuses higher than your estimate of sales. In other words, if you’re mailing out to 1000, limit your bonuses to the first 50 to 75 people who purchase.

It also a good idea to place a time deadline on your email campaign. Most marketing campaigns should last from 5 to 7 days. As you’re nearing the end of your sequence, tell your prospects that there’s only two days left, and then your offer will end. The subject line could read: “FINAL NOTICE!! Offer ends Sunday at 12:00!” This technique works like gangbusters to get those final sales in!

What To Do Between Email Campaigns

After you end a campaign, you should stay in touch with your list. This is a good time to send them free, helpful content and tips. Refrain from doing too much selling, as you’ll get more un-subscribes and could burn your list. Maintain a healthy balance of promoting and giving content.

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