Succeeding After The Google Panda Update


No one wants to believe their site isn’t up to par, especially when they were doing fairly well before the Google Panda update. Mention this update in certain circles and it is basically looked upon as the website killer. The fear and confusion are understandable, but there are a few very simple ways to succeed with the update.

The first thing you need to do is evaluate your current content. Google has graciously provided a checklist of what content should offer. The easiest way to describe their checklist is visitor oriented. What search engines want no longer applies. Google Panda wants visitors to be happy with their results, so this update put visitors first.

Visitors want engaging, informative content they can trust. Becoming a trustworthy authority on a topic ensures success. Google is still looking at how long visitors stay on your site and unsolicited backlinks. Get people talking positively about your website and Google will gladly push you to the top of the ranks.

Does your existing content provide detailed information that is easy for visitors to understand? Is content well edited, with few, if any mistakes? Are all facts carefully checked and references documented? If so, your site probably wasn’t affected. If you answered no to even one question, it’s time to start making sure your content meets this requirements.

Outside of content, Google Panda targeted sites that provided more advertising than content. While it is nice to make extra money from your site, too much advertising actually deters visitors. Your site appears less professional and more like spam. The best way to fix this is to greatly reduce your advertising and increase your content.

Many site owners don’t have the time to spend researching and crafting the kind of content Google Panda demands. They definitely don’t have the time to rewrite existing content. Luckily, there is a very easy solution to the problem.

Copywriters are professional writers in varying fields of expertise. From general knowledge to very specific topics and niches, professional copywriters provide detailed, researched, original content to help your website quickly find its place back at the top of Google’s search results.

They make sure your keywords flow naturally and appear just enough. They also provide professionally edited content that visitors will quickly absorb. This means visitors greedy for more content and your site becoming the authority it should be.

By commissioning content, your site can succeed, even through the Google Panda update. It will also stay successful through subsequent Google changes.

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