Study Proves that Bringing Relevance to Text Messaging is Good for Businesses


If you have not thought about the power of email marketing and text communication for your business, the following surveys could help open your mind to new ways of impressing your customers.

More Americans like businesses communicating with them through text messaging or email, and this is particularly true with healthcare companies. A recent survey in 2013 by Nuance subsidiary Varolii revealed that it is in the area of healthcare that Americans trust companies to keep their information secure.

Survey Proves Relevance of Timely Text Messages

The survey was conducted on 1000 American consumers who were asked about communications in various aspects of their lives including areas such as retail, finance, utilities, and healthcare.

  • The surveyed consumers were most interested in proactive messages which are basically like reminders to make consumers do a particular task before it gets too late. 70% of the respondents felt that such proactive messages or reminders prevented them from encountering major troubles, two examples of which are interruption of cable service and paying overdraft fee. 32% of those surveyed felt that the proactive messages they received could have kept them from forgetting some medication or missing an appointment.

  • Respondents liked health messages the most. 69% of those surveyed liked reminders of vaccination or appointments that were coming up. 57% liked notices for reordering medicines or securing a prescription, while 39% liked reminders for scheduling appointments.

  • The most crucial finding of the study was that 80% believed the companies would contact them faithfully to remind them of the things they need to do. Healthcare providers such as hospitals and nursing homes, insurance providers, pharmacists, and other healthcare companies were the most trusted by the respondents.

Rising Popularity for Text Messaging

Email communication is the preferred option for79% of the Americans surveyed. However, the study also revealed that people are increasingly welcoming text messages. The study found that around 20% had a preference for text messages. Among the respondents between the ages of 18 and 24, 36% wished to be communicated through text messages.

Canadian Survey Confirms Popularity of Mobile Messages

Canada Health InfoWay too commissioned such a survey on Canadians. The number of Canadians surveyed was 2,252. According to the findings, 86% wanted their doctors to employ electronic medical records. 86% of the Canadians believed that digital health will be useful in providing emergency care teams with vital health information. Respondents also accessed their health information online and found it to be a positive experience. 96% of the surveyed Canadians wanted their national health system to fully incorporate digital health tools while 89% wanted to personally take advantage of these digital tools. As a result, Canada Health InfoWay began promoting digital health in the country and educating healthcare providers and patients.

If anything, these surveys only prove that digitalization of procedures and practices is not only popular but also indispensable for patients. It’s something they absolutely need and have great confidence in. Healthcare practices, insurance companies, and other related organizations can win the trust of people if they maintain systematic health records and function with their digital tools and procedures.

Mobile SEO Absolutely Vital

This also shows how mobile phones are an integral part of people’s lives. This is an era when 77% of the world’s population uses mobile phones. It is estimated that 91% of adult mobile users in the US keep their mobile devices within reach always. This only goes to prove that a great way to contact your customers is via mobile phone. Moreover, messages sent to mobiles are read immediately compared to those sent by email. Therefore, if you want your customers to respond quickly, you need to focus on mobile marketing. Sending a text message when your customers are due for an appointment/service, will make them feel special. Businesses using appointments especially benefit from this because it helps cut down no-show rates. Customers might also like messages about birthday coupons, special sales and other important events.

Mobile SEO and mobile website optimization are now super important in a successful SEO strategy for businesses. Businesses offering mobile apps for their customers are much favored. A professional SEO company’s role has become more significant in the current scenario. Reliable companies can provide effective mobile marketing services that will ensure a competitive edge for your business.

The above mentioned surveys show that businesses should accelerate text message and email communications. But they also reveal that a mobile-friendly website gives businesses a significant edge especially since studies indicate people will be searching on their smartphone more than their desktops or laptops by 2015.

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