Strategic Keyword Approach for Organic SEO


T (The)
Track Keywords

Tracking keywords is the first step and the blood that runs search engine marketing so to speak. You can track your market based on the keyword you choose to target and optimize. Important key points to remember is to choose a keyword that is high in monthly searches and low in SEO competition. There are many online tools to track competition so your not optimizing keywords that are dominated by big companies and high page ranking sites. One of my favorite free tools to track keywords for monthly searches is Google’s AdWord Tool. No matter what tool you use, it’s vital to apply strategic keyword criteria to filter out unprofitable keywords. Choose keywords with two or more words so you can narrow your market to a more reachable level.

B (Best)
Blog Keywords

Next step is to blog about your keyword. Write RELEVANT and QUALITY material about the keyword your choosing to optimize. It’s all about providing a service to search engines so they have something relevant to provide internet searchers all over the world. The most relevant gets on the first page and that’s the goal we’re aiming for. Provide a service in your blog or article and you’ll attract more viewers. Place your keyword around every 100 words in your blog or article. Create quality content about the keyword your writing about so your readers don’t have to go looking for more information from another website. This step builds trust and more people will bookmark your site.

K (Keyword)
Keyword Backlinks

Building keyword back links is the second most important aspect of keyword optimization. This step is simple. You need to build strong quality backlinks to the keyword targeted content you’re choosing to market. Quality means the back link has to lead back to the high quality post you wrote. This build’s trust through search engines and slowly bumps your content up to first page search results as more people click it overtime. There are many ways to organically link build but one way is creating a link with your targeted keyword by providing content and networking and sharing it online. You can write blogs to different high page ranking websites and directories with keyword back links leading back to your original content. You can leave comments on sites that you follow with keyword back links and you can use your sites content as the source for answering questions in forums related to your niche.

A (Approach)
Article Marketing

Article marketing is the last step to organically optimizing your keyword to the world wide web. This step is about virally spreading your keyword targeted content through various methods and resources. One way is to submit your articles to directory sites. There are a lot of high page ranking article directories that need quality content and in exchange your content gets indexed through search engines. Another step is to spread your articles through social media networks like Twitter, Google+, FaceBook, StumbleUpon, and many more viral networks. Constantly build new keyword targeted content to drive this cycle so you’re continuously providing relevant data through search engines to interested researchers online, altogether attracting your market to your online presence.

With each unique keyword you track and strategically filter it’s VITAL to apply this formula in getting your content out there for others through relevancy, quality and trust. Search engine marketing IS NOT an overnight get rich quick formula, but it can become profitable overtime most definitely.

Show your an expert in your field or industry through the keyword targeted content you create. You build trust and more people will want to learn more from you specifically, resulting in more prospects.

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