Strategic Email Marketing: The Beginning and The End


Needless to say, the companies that are able to achieve the latter are the ones that reap the benefits of email marketing in the right sense of the word. For this, the different ingredients that go into the making of a successful campaign need to be taken care of. The first among these points is the cohesion between the subject line and the headline of the email message.

Essentially, the subject line is supposed to be a prequel to the actual message. Often it so happens that marketers do give the subject line the kind of importance it deserves, thanks to increased awareness about its role in the success of strategic email marketing initiatives, but fail to see how its relation with the headline. The result is two perfect lines that are part of the same message, but do not have anything else in common! This leads to wastage of resources on a mistake that could have been rectified in the first place quite simply.

Including the right kind of call to action is also an aspect of strategic email marketing that is often ignored. This results in a perfect email message not getting the kind of results in terms of click-through cases, which it could have achieved. What generally happens that the focus on getting the right mix of a compelling headline, an impactful visual and striking body copy completely overshadows the need for an attractive call to action that seals the deal. Research has shown that the call to action is as important as the subject line or the headline, while many industry experts are of the opinion that its importance is even higher from the point of view of the recipient, than what is perceived by marketers.

Taking an example, if an organization is operating in the retail space, and follows the example of an organization that offers financial consultancy, the ramifications would not be pleasant at all, in every sense of the word. For instance, coming to the most imperative ingredient of every successful strategic email marketing initiative – free giveaways, the for the current and prospective clients of the financial consultancy organization, an insight into the current market scenario would be a very vital keepsake. However, for the retail organization, the giveaways need to be in a more tangible form, like discount coupons, since that appeals more to their customers, and would ensure that revenues continue to increase.

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