Strategic Email Marketing: An Imperative Necessity


With the internet taking such prominence in promotional campaigns, the importance of strategic email marketing has touched new highs. Now, brands can ensure that they are accessible to the right kind of audience, that can contribute to their business.

Email marketing is the perfect channel of establishing a connect between brands and end users, for the simple reason that it is a very convenient and affordable means that practically guarantees better visibility than conventional media, the only difference being that in order to get better results, the email messages need to be sent out to the relevant people, and that is precisely what strategic email marketing is all about.

There are many companies that offer email marketing services, claiming to give the best returns on investment, banking on the fact that since they have millions of email addresses in their database, they can get the best click-through rate. However, it is not about getting the highest click-through rate, but about getting people of the desired profile, on the website. For instance, if a company is offering a product that only a certain strata of end users can afford, it would be no point in getting tens of thousands of people on the website, who will certainly count as visitors, but wouldn’t contribute to the business. This is where strategic email marketing plays a crucial role.

Basically, an email campaign sent out to random recipients is just like an untargeted ‘pay per click’ campaign, wherein the brand will be paying for visitors to the site, but the latter would be from all walks of life, most of them not even remotely relevant. On the other hand, companies offering strategic email marketing solutions deliver relevant visitors by designing email messages according to the target audience’s mindset, and sending it across to the same, so that only those people who have the capacity to avail a service or buy a product, visit the site, and that is precisely what brands want, to maintain their exclusivity and be accessible to only the people who matter.

Coming to the final product, i.e., the email message – it must not be too content heavy, since nobody likes to read a lot, except perhaps the target audiences of certain information-oriented industries. However, the general consensus still stands – NOBODY likes to read too much. That being said, inserting a lot of images into the email message also leads to a higher risk of the same being spammed, so that part also needs to be addressed. A delicate balance needs to be maintained in order to ensure that everything falls into place, and the desired results are achieved via effective email marketing.

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