Stop Mass Emails! Trigger Messages at the Right Time


One of the first Internet marketing tactics that companies and individuals used to enhance awareness of their services and subscriptions was email marketing. However, the internet accessing population has come a long way from a time when each email was opened enthusiastically.

The number of mails that land up in the inbox started to irritate customers and the spam folder was created by almost all email providers. Even when email marketing is done using an opt-in list, there are some effectiveness concerns that need to be addressed.

We have heard a zillion times about the right communication at the right time. However, when we use mass email marketing, we are basically trying to use the same strategy on all the customers irrespective of their characteristics, the products they purchased, purchase frequency, online behavior, or engagement. In addition to that mass email marketing does not even customize the content of the emails based on the basic segmenting parameters such as gender, age or income. These are specific aspects that can make a lot of difference in the manner in which you respond to specific content.

Creating emails based on customer segmentation is far more effective. This is something that can be done easily. Consumer analytics can help you slice the data in various ways. You can look at gender specific behavior, age related purchase patterns, time/date of purchase, purchase frequencies of heavy, medium and light users, product purchase mix differences and the manner in which the products are upgraded.

When you use consumer analytics data judiciously you shall be able to ensure that your customers are happy and satisfied; something that is a step towards increasing the customer lifetime revenue.

In addition to looking at various segments of people predictive analytics can also ensure that you are able to take corrective measures to retain customers that may be on their way out. Look at the historical data of defectors, analyze the reasons why they have defected and then study the patterns of behavior that have led to the defection. Once this is analyzed, you shall be able to identify similar patterns in the current customers that you have. Being able to change the course of customers that are likely to defect can be one of the largest savings that you provide the company.

Some of the steps that marketers have been able to take by using such consumer analytics and predictive analytics include:

  • Sending smart and timely emails to customers for the next product that they could purchase.
  • Emails about discount offers that are relevant and usable.
  • Updates about the various innovative products that the company is engaging in so that the customers know that they have much to look out for in the future.
  • Invites to special events for high end customers or those that seem upset with the company in some manner.
  • Detecting fraud loan or mortgage customers can help reduce the level of loan defection and therefore losses.
  • Identifying one time customers and luring them with attractive discounts or incentives to ensure repeat purchase.

While these are marketing tactics that most people use, the timeliness of the emails and the manner in which they are created for the right audience is what can make a difference in the level of conversion that you get.

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