Some New Trends In Search Engine Marketing


Webmasters may have noticed that the techniques they were using in search engine marketing for several years may not be applicable these years, anymore. The search engines have evolved and are continuously evolving and new trends are coming such that you have to be continuously updated to keep up with the trends.

If you are using the latest techniques in search engine marketing, then you are “in” with the latest trends. Some of these trends that are already outdated and have to be refined are the following:

  • It used to be that you could put a number of keywords in your title tags, Meta tags, article and blog contents, and other places in the site and you can get good rankings for these. Nowadays, the search engines can have you penalized if you do these things.
  • Link exchange or reciprocal links are not getting good treatments and doing this can be easily detected by the search engines. Mutual linking will not be good for your search engine marketing strategies.
  • Instead of reciprocal links you can focus on collecting as many inbound links as you can from quality and relevant sites. With this strategy you create extensive quantities of inbound links which can lead people to your site.
  • Blog comments with URL links to your site will still be of less value even with “no-follow” tags on these. Even if these links can be valuable to users it will have no value on search engine ranking objectives.
  • The search engines give more value to links coming from different hosting servers and links coming from the same IP address will have high tendencies of being considered spam. So avoid getting a large network of sites linking to you such as link buying.
  • The speed at which a site acquire links is also looked into. For example, if you are a new website and you suddenly get high rankings because of many links acquired speedily, this method can be considered as link buying and will not be given good credits.

Being updated on the latest trends is the better idea and also better for your search engine marketing techniques. To keep up with the new trends in the industry you have to be better educated on the latest direction that the industry is going to.

You have to know which direction the online business arena is going to these days. And some of these directions are going to the following:

  • Social media and social networking are gaining so much popularity these days. Keeping in steps with these directions will put you in step with the latest trends in the industry.
  • Mobile search is also gaining wide acceptance by a lot of people. If you are in step with this latest trend you will not be left behind in your search engine marketing strategy.

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