Socializing Your Tribe With Email Marketing


Using email marketing to promote the value of your product or service and building your tribe, involves artful engagement. You can’t just try selling to your readers in the first email that you send or by telling them to buy something on your social media pages, because chances are if you do, your potentials tribe will join another that engages with them on a more personal level.

You may be wondering why this is the way it is. It’s really rather simple; generally people don’t know who you are or anything about you. They have no history with you or tribal ancestral ties, so you have to woo them into your clan. Even if they subscribed to your regular updates or newsletters from an opt in form on your website, the reality is people tend not purchase from people online that they do not know. Hence, the key to your successful email marketing campaign is “wooing” your readers, inviting them into your clan and connecting them as one of your tribe so that further down the track they may feel comfortable buying from your business.

“Wooing” your prospects is easily broken down into a five step process. So pay attention to this, keep it in the forefront of your mind and start building your tribe.

Step 1 – Engage the “Fringe Dwellers”

These are your prospects who have just filled out the opt in form on your website, because they love receiving those wonderful free giveaways. They hang out on your social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Neither one of you knows anything about the other, you are not even acquaintances. This is where the aim of the game is to let them get to know you and to begin building the relationship. It is through this that they will yourself begin to see you as a source of down to earth and useful information, information that they can get for free.

Step 2 – Engaging the “Interested Readers”

The people receiving your emails, at this stage, have often opened some of your emails and have decided that it is worth their while staying on your email list. They are curious to learn and know more about you and what you do, and what’s in it for them.

This group of prospects are the ones who do actually open and read the emails you send them. Whilst they may not read all of them at least they are reading some of them.

Still at this stage they are still basically in the same camp as the prospects in step 1. This is where you still have to “woo” them into your tribe to the point that they understand you better as a person, and develop a credible and trusting relationship with you.

They are still not at the point in which you want to be trying to get them to buy something off you. They are still working out the value in what you have to offer.

Step 3 – “Tribe Newbies”

These are your prospects who regularly open and read your emails, and probably look forward to receiving them. They have migrated from being fringe dwellers to becoming new members of your tribe, but are still journeying through the social rites of passage. They may have even started responding to calls to action with enquiries about what it is that you have to offer them.

They have let you that they are engaged in what you have to say to them, in all likelihood will went to engage more, and may act on a call to action and buy something based on your suggestion.

One way to really sort out the nomads from your tribe chieftain’s is to offer a free eBook or information product and getting them to “register” for it by opting in to another email auto-responder list.

You can also run a survey on your site, invite your prospects to participate, and capture their contact information for follow up emails.

The reality is they have taken action based upon your connection with them.

Step 4 – “Dancing Around The Fire”

These are your prospects who are almost ready to buy based upon your recommendations. They may have written to you asking for more information, or visited your sales page several times and may have subscribed to your RSS feed. Maybe they are thinking about becoming an affiliate in your business opportunity, but are not quite there yet. They need a push to get them to take action, to get them dancing with more passion around the fire.

Take the time to make a personal follow-up email or give them a phone call just to connect. These people are your *HOT* prospects and future clansmen.

Step 5 – “Full Blotted Tribe Member”

These prospects are no longer that, they have bought your product or service, joined your tribe, or joining you on the journey as an affiliate.

These are your chieftains who will work for you and with you, and will buy more and more from you in the long run. They get to a point where it becomes second nature for them to act on your recommendations, as long as you keep your products or services high quality and of value.

These tribesmen are your business family. You have their permission to send them future products and services and you have their trust.

These people are your long term future and guarantee the survival of your business tribe. Treat them like family, nurture and keep your business to business relationships and your tribe will continue to grow.

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